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    Yes, analogue modeled sounds, like from synths mentioned above!

    As genre let me state "Deep house", which is making use of warm analogue sounds.

    The Virus (I own a TI2) sounds often very clean and wide - good for trance and such genres. But when it comes to genres like deep house, you have to manipulate the sound extremely with external plugins/tools to make it more rough (as hint: monomaker, to narrow the width in a certain stectrum).

    I also would mention here my feature request of "slope for attack setting in envelopes" (stated in Feature requests subforum), which will have a huge effect for soundcreation. There is a slope for release, why there's no for attack!?

    Hi there,

    I hope a dev will read this, I fear that not.

    However, I'd suggest to add a slope knob for the *attack* setting of each envelope.
    Actually, the envelopes only have linear attack setting, which is quite outdated. A slope to make the attack "faster than linear" or "slower than linear" would have a nice effect on sounds. Nowadays I have to "fake" it with external tools, but c'mon, it can't be a long term solution! :(