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    Hi everyone,
    since i´ve updated to mavericks i have latency problems when i choose the second and third outputs on my virus in USB mode.

    Only the main out work fine in usb mode.
    I´ve updated my RME Fireface but still got the issues

    RME Fireface UCX
    Ableton Live 9.1
    Imac I7- 3,4 ghz

    any suggestions?

    Hey Spool and Marc,
    thx for ur tips.
    U are right it depends on a whole bunch on various things to run with 64 samples. I have a new Imac with the fastest I7 and a fusion drive and it works...
    The RME is connected via Firewire and as u told me i increased the Samplerate up to 128 and then to 512. Nothing :wacko:

    Next thing i did was to change the usb port (i put it on a belkin usb hub, without anything else connected) and changed the usb output settings.
    Configuration was 3outs/1in and usb1 for surround...No plan why i had the surround channel on.
    I switched to 3out/no in and surround off.
    The result was that the clipping and glitching on automated parts decreased to 95%

    After changing the usb port again i had the same clicks and glitches.
    The funny thing about it... when it was on the usb3 port on the mac (which was a solo port for it) it clicks and on the hub (usb2) it´s reduced to 5%
    I will test it today again and again, and will post my results here ... maybe it will also help someones else

    Hey everybody,

    I´m using the Virus Ti on a brand new iMac and Ableton 9.
    Mac Osx 10.8.4
    My Soundcard is a RME UCX
    I use the Plug in and the USB mode.
    latency in Ableton is set to 64 samples

    When i automate the filter and resonance on a pad after some time ( when i modulate more) i hear crackles ( glitches) when the automation works.
    It´s not a Filter problem or wrong automation it´s the TI. it´s like a information overload....
    I use the TI in multimode, but the problem is also when i use it in solo mode

    Can someone help me to fix it?

    i bought a virus Ti(2nd Hand) a few days ago.Everything worked fine till i wanted to set up a multi instrument with 3 USB outs in Ableton 9
    The problem is, that i can only use the virus 1+2 Output in usb mode. When i change to 3/4 or 5/6 no sound.
    I tried every tutorial on the web to solve the problem, but no chance.
    Is it possible that the virus is defect?

    I use an Imac 27" (bought in August 2013) /RME Fireface ucx and Ableton 9

    Pease Help