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    Is there anyway to install just the virus ti midi driver on macOS Catalina?

    Sorry if the instructions were incomplete. I took the opportunity to add more information in the readme file.

    The steps to make the driver are basically:

    0. If installed, backup and uninstall the official Access drivers
    1. Get Xcode (

    2. Get the source (…ive/refs/heads/

    3. Open the Xcode project SimpleVirusUSBMidi.xcodeproj

    4. Click the 'Play' icon (this highlights the only buttons you need to use)

    5. Drag SimpleVirusUSBMidi.plugin from the Xcode products to /Library/Audio/MIDI Drivers/

    6. Reboot for good measure & good luck

    I hope i was slightly clearer this time =)

    Thank you,



    A while ago I managed to write a CoreAudio MIDI Driver to support the USB Virus MIDI ports, and posted it here:, it should support Catalina and Big Sur because it's completely user-land and does not have require any custom kernel extensions.

    I didn't really use it myself because in my system installation the official drivers were kind of working, so I kept using those for a while, but now more time has passed and more people are simply unable to install the original drivers in newer computers.

    So, in case you are unable to install the original drivers (and you're a bit tech savvy) you can try to see if this works for you.

    Currently you need to have Xcode to build the driver, and once it's ready you have to manually copy it in /Library/Audio/MIDI Drivers/. I'm not providing a pre-made package because I didn't investigate yet the problems with code signing, and unfortunately I am not in the same country of my TI2, so I cannot double check installation problems by myself.

    However, hope to be of help to someone,