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    Anyone know how to jail break the Virus-TI in any way? It would be helpful to draw back the curtain to view how the 64 arp patterns are designed while having the ability to tweak them according to your song.
    Maybe, how to solder a thunder bolt and firewire connection and installing drivers for it?
    Does anybody want to get paid to professionally customize the functionality of the Virus-TI for the improvements desired?

    1-->I think the best way to implement this is by adding a "copy to custom pattern" button to VC's ARP page (grayed out when editing custom pattern obviously). The plugin will keep copies of the pattern locally, it will not retrieve them from the unit (just like the drawings of the spectral waves).
    2-->For that, the unit should send VC more sync information than it does currently, it's not that easy...
    3-->Great idea, but it's an entirely new feature, so I guess it will take time to implement
    4-->I guess Access will not give you tutorials incorporating other plugins, but I guess a tutorial for each supported DAW, showing how to route an audio track into VC, and using it with envelope follower, vocoder, atomizer etc. would help a lot of people.

    Maybe assign Atomizer to current Arp pattern in the Mod Matrix somehow? I don't have my Virus with me right now, but is that possible currently?

    For this Virus/Logic explanation I'm using MacBook OS !0.6.8; Logic Pro 9.1; Virus TI OS 5, and my interface is Digidesign MBox Pro 2.

    1. Connect the headphone jack of your laptop to the physical input of the Virus TI. Note: If only one input of your Virus TI works, then use a Stereo to Mono addapter to the input side that works.

    2. Connect "Output 1" left and right of the Virus TI to the front inputs 1 & 2 of the Mbox Pro2 and set Mbox for "DI" direct Input(s).

    3. Connect the headphone jack of the MBox to headphones or speakers.

    4. Restart you Mac to avoid complications. Then connect your MBox firewire and Virus USB. Turn it on.

    5. Open Logic and create a new session.

    6. Create 1 Instrument Track & load the Virus.

    7. Create 1 Audio Track.

    8. Record-Arm both tracks.

    9. Go to your Browser in Virus Control on screan and chose an Atomizer patch.

    10. Switch to "Patch Utility" > CONFIG > USB ADIO MODE and set it to 3 Outs / No Input.

    11. If you want the Analog Outputs to be recorded, go to the "COMMON" Page and change the "MAIN OUT" to "Out1 L+R". Otherwise, leave it on "USB1 L+R".

    12. Option-click all Logic faders to unity gain.

    13. Choose an audio file of your hard drive; desk top. OR, tape player, record player if connected. Play your sound/music via "Quick Look"; "QuickTime"; "iTunes", etc., and adjust the Input volumes on your MBox/Interface so that it is not clipping in logic.

    14. Set your MIDI keyboard to affect the Atomizer. You can now record both performances MIDI & the effected Audio to Logic.

    The question now would be is: How do you Automize and record audio from a Logic Audio Track inside of Logic? The same Logic audio would be comming out the headphone jack, through the Virus, then thru the MBox. Any takers on this?

    Atomizer would be fantastic if we could expand it to the Arpeggiator page. It's kind of ho-hum at its current stage. :whistling:

    I've been everywhere on the web, and found no workable answers. The V-TI device brings out my hostility after 7 years of these dead end leads.

    It can be said that the reason why the manual is not straight forward and/or not complete is because they know the V-TI is not stable. (The manual is so focussed on what the sound will do, that it seems to cater to people who can't hear and need an in depth understanding of what they are missing and will never truly know). So, it had to be written as if it to make you feel awed and inept; that it must be your competence that is in question and not the hard/software. That's how they are getting away with it for so many years. They make step-by-step tutorial videos of only the processes that actually work: Stuff like Automizer, Vocoder, etc, they only say and show the end product of what it can do for some. Don't you just love a manual that tells you, that in order it do this, all's have to do is that, but they don't tell you how to get there until 3 chapters later. . . Oops, that was only wishful thinking on my part. They never inform you how to get there or do it in any manual, i.e. 1) How to turn Local Off; 2) How to get the Analog outs & Headphone jack to work after disconnecting USB; 3) How to set up setup Logic, Pro Tools, Cubase and Ableton for all thing VIRUS-TI (Vocoder; Atomizer; Gating; Side-chain Compression; MIDI Automation with Analog Outs).

    The Virus TI manual is a game for people who love complicated puzzles, until they find out the major pieces are missing. I already have a hobby making music with no free time for puzzles other than putting music together. This puzzle however has lasted for years of continuous time waisting. Asking for a rock solid answer on this forum is intimidating for fear of a wrong, time-waisting solution. PLUS, not expected to be correctly answered for another five years after I'm dead.

    Notwithstanding, I value my TI enough to keep it just for the sound only. Thank you Access for that at least. Actually, it's kind of hard to trash something you paid $2,356.00 dollars for. Let's see, 2005/6 minimum wage was about $6 to $7 dollars + 8 hrs a day, 5 days a week, 4 weeks a month, - rent, food and clothing, x 1 year, + waiting in line for my V-TI to be hand made and shipped from Germany, AND THIS IS WHAT I GET?!! I have to go to Virus Anonymous meetings now just so in hopes I'm able to let go of the material thing. Yah, you're having a good laugh over there at Access. If I could just figure out how to use the analog outs with the recorded MIDI, I'll be cured. I wouldn't' be surprised if the Illuminati put you guys up to this.

    1: It would be helpful to be able to view all the 64 arp patterns so to see how you might design one you almost agree with and able to do some adjusting to it.

    2: It would also be very useful to be able to follow a timeline bar across the arp pattern so you know which and where you want to implement your addition, subtraction or changes.

    3: It would be fantastic if we could apply all arp patterns to keyboard keys to trigger the Automizer to do any such arp rhythms.

    4: Video tutorials on Gatting and Sidechain Compression, and how to connect and use the Automizer, and how use the Analog Outs with the recorded MIDI data. :thumbup:

    This is so agravating when people attempt to give instructions off the top of their head and without tryin g to follow their own instructions to verifi their meaning.

    #1: "Set Logic to use the iMac's own Core Audio driver in the Audio Preferences window"

    Do you set the Core Audio Driver for both the Input & Output, or just the Input?

    #2: "Create a new MIDI multi device in Logic's Environment"

    There is nothing in Logic 9's Environment that states "MIDI multi device". Do you mean, "MIDI-Instrument"?

    #3: "Set the Port of this MIDI Multi Device to Virus TI MIDI"

    Do you mean, rout the Port of the MIDI… to the Channel Strip that is intended for Virus TI MIDI-Instrument? OR, how do you set the Port of this MIDI Multi Device to Virus MIDI? Because there's nothing in my version og Logic that states "Virus MIDI.

    #4: "Assign the External Instrument "plug-in" type to the channel strip of one of the new tracks."

    Do you mean, assign the "Virus TI 'plug-in' type"…?

    #5. If Multi-timbral for a track is already pre-available, what is the point of your instruction 1 thru 3 above? Am I supose to have two MIDI instrument tracks for the Virus-TI? That's definitely not working for me.

    #6: "Open the External Instrument settings for this channel strip (just like you would open any other plug-in window)"

    I've never done that before. Where's that located? Would that be to the extream left of the Arrange window and clicking on the drop-down arrows?

    #7: "Assign the Virus TI MIDI MIDI multi device to the MIDI input of this External Instrument (in its setting window)"

    Do you mean go to the PATCH UTILITY or COMMON page on the Virus Ti plug-in?

    You know, I think you just fed us a lot bull for fun to see how much of peoples time you could waist. So, ha ha ha, you won. But don't worry, the Access manual has got you beat by far in waisting my time. HaHa Ha!

    Hey, im trying to find info on the sidechain function within the virus control , it should seem simple but im not getting any effected results from the process..
    i cant see any topics in this forum that are specific,( im running Logic 9.13) or anything in the users manuals available?
    any ideas what the best way to set this up is?

    No response to your question in over a year must mean side-chaining in Virus TI actually doesn't work. It's just there for looks and to make you feel stupid for trying so hard, that you obviously lack the mental qualifications to operate it.

    Wrong!!!!!!!! I bought the Virus-TI in 2005/06 for the wonderful sound demonstrated in analog mode. I'm still waiting for an update that eliminates the popping and crackling while in USB mode so I don't have to consecutively/double/ or triple record my songs on same tracks, and then listen to each same song to chose the one with the less crackling garbage. Makes me wonder what I really should have bought for $2,300.00 dollars. I would of all ways like to feel that there is nothing much better than Virus TI, but with all that poppin' and cracklin', everything is better than the Virus-TI. Yha right, that's why I'm still hanging on to it. I have some faith left that the Access Team is going to eventually address this problem. I believe I payed for a quality sound that they actually refuse to let me have.

    I mainly use Logic 9 & Virus-TI. First, note that the Virus-TI plays back better with single notes than chords on one track. So If you must play chords, to avoid a lot of the crackling garbage, separate the notes of the chord onto separate multi MIDI tracks, and chose the same instrument patch for each. Every tweak you make to one part of the chord/track you would then duplicate it on the other tracks if you wish. Also, input some MIDI nonsence or an intro to your song for the first three bars. Once your song is complete, copy the official version of your song and paste it right behind said song, so that your song is doubled one right behind the other. Bounce them both consecutively at once. In this method, crackling does not likely strike twice in the same exact spot. Import the bounced wave file into a new project, and scizor cut the two songs apart and line them up side-by-side on two audio tracks. Then use markers, or simply mute out all the crackling parts and mix the crackling out like a DJ with the slide fader while viewing the mutes in Automation mode.

    It irritates people when you tell them what the problem fix could be, but you decide not to tell the way or how to get there.

    To possibly solve your buffer "small" "medium" or "large" setting problem in Logic with Virus-TI, use an additional Mac or 2 or more with the same OSx system; connect them all to your main Mac, and launch X-grid on each as instructed by Apple or Mac Guru forum. This puts the additional Mac's into slave mode and distributes the work load. Also enable Logic Nodes.