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    Hey guys,

    Im having a problem with my Access Virus Polar TI, where the "D" key won't play in USB mode. With the USB unplugged and running just as midi it works and plays fine! Yet when plugged in to USB it mysteriously doesn't work, yet it's only D3, when i transpose the keyboard the unplayable note moves up and down the keyboard?? I tried resetting on start up (holding down the arp edit button, and plugging in it), but that did nothing?

    Using it with a fire face UCX and Logic Pro X

    Can anyone help me??? :D

    So have two problems with my virus, probably related.

    Referring to Virus TI2 Polar, only about a month old. When transpose is in the middle, the C# key just under the transpose buttons, is dead and non responsive for all patches, yet when i transpose the problem moves with the transpose. So it shifts up and down the keyboard always the C3 key.
    Yet it works when drawing notes in my DAW.

    Also none of the keys seem to be in tune. Every key on the board plays the note a semitone above rather than the actual note. So when i play a D i get a D sharp etc.

    Can anyone please help :)

    hey boreg, i got a few more virus question i was hoping i could ask you.

    Firstly every time my mac is on, and the virus is plugged in via USB, it wont play as standalone, yet when i the usb pulled out, it plays normally through the audio out (as i havent got MIDI to work yet), is that correct? I might have to get a usb cable with a switch then to stop me having to fumble behind for the usb cable to pull out, when i just wna have a play :(

    Also i use a fireface, and for the life of me just cant work out how to set it up so midi works? Do you mind giving me some helpful advice/pointers :)

    Thanks man!

    Thanks so much for your help. Does anyone recognise the preset?


    Is there a way to turn off the USB? I have it plugged in via usb permanently,, but every now and then i wish to play on it whilst my computer isint on, is there a way to bypass the usb, i find myself having to unplug it everytime :(

    Hey Everyone, recently bought a Virus TI have a few questions hoping someone can answer :)

    Even if you can only answer one, all help appreciated :)

    1. What is the most common way of searching through presets? Do you use the audition function on the virus? or do you use the plugin and search through the banks that way?

    2. What is your preferred/best method of saving favourite patches? Do you generally use the RAM Banks? Or save them in the plugin? I found saving them through the RAM is quite tedious?

    3. Is there a way to save favourite presets to RAM A-D, in the plugin?

    4. How did you get a grasp on the presets? Theres soo many (good thing im not complaining), did you just go thru every single bank when you got your virus and picked out all your favourites?

    5. Does anyone recognise this preset? I know for a fact its from the virus, just yet to find the specific patch :)