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    I love this song. You did a great job.

    I've had my Virus Ti for a while. I'm really more of a guitar player & bought the Virus to mess around. I'm starting to learn about synthesis & synthesizers, especially some of the older ones.

    I am aware that some manufacturers uses slightly cryptic patch names as homage to those older synths. So I came across this patch tonight. Bassic JS. Is that a pointer to an earlier synth? If so, which one?

    <p>Really hard to say with the info you've given.&nbsp;</p>


    <p>If you can hear the output of the Virus, I'd take the audio cables out of the Virus, put them in the Prophet &amp; see if you can hear the Prophet. That would prove the problem is on the Prophet end.&nbsp;</p>


    <p>If you can take the audio cables from the Prophet, put them in your Virus &amp; you can hear your Virus, it would prove the same thing.&nbsp;</p>

    Ok, looks like I've got to have the filter balanced towards filter 1 to get the envelope to take effect.

    I wouldn't think this is necessary with the filter cutoff link on. Shouldn't the cutoff of filter 2 close if the link is on, offset of 0?? That doesn't appear to be happening.

    Yes. I can hear the effect of turning the cutoff frequency down....

    I guess that you're all saying when the env amt knob is turned up, I should be hearing the effect of the envelope... meaning something is wrong with mine.

    Trying to understand how the filter & envelope works on the TI, I'll turn the Env amount all the way up, then play with the envelope attack, decay, sustain, release controls, then hit a key & I hear absolutely no change in the sound at all.

    This is starting with patch A-127 INIT.

    Sometimes when I turn the filter balance knob all the way to filter 1 it will start to respond the way I expect it to. Sometimes it don't. Sometimes when I turn the Env amount down, then back up, it'll start to work the way I expect it to. But it's never consistent. If it were, I would think it was because of the type/structure of the filter or something, which I did check & this patch starts with the filters in serial 4.

    Am I doing something wrong, or should I expect to hear the effect of the envelope regardless of the filter configuration if I have the env amount turned all the way up?

    But because I'm getting this as a compliment to my software setup, integration with the DAW is important.

    I don't own either, so I really can't say. But imo, the Total integration isn't a big deal for me. I've got my audio interface & I'm not looking for another one. Far as I can tell, your DAW will only let you select one at a time anyway. As far as the plug-in goes, SoundTower offers one for the P12, may not work as well as the TI I really can't say.... but if it does what they say it should do, it should be fine. I haven't heard any complaints from Prophet owners, like I've heard TI owners complain about TI.

    Say... I want to take the time to commend Access on their ever so excellent user's manuals.

    I'm not new to synthesis per se... I'm familiar with the theory, I've got a subscription to SoundonSound, used to have a subscription to Keyboard. I understand the basics, but I've never done much sound design. Other than adjusting effects on a rompler, I haven't really done any "hands on" tweaking.

    I read the owner's manual for the Virus... & the explanation of sound, synthesis, & the step by step (with pictures) was probably the best concise explanation I've ever read. The explanation of the controls, parameters, their affect on the sound coming from the instrument... perfect. I wasn't able to put my hands on an original Virus, but I feel if I'm ever so lucky, I'll be able to whip up just about any tone I want, or relatively close within a few minutes.

    I went on to read the manual of another synth, then another... boring. Like reading a dictionary. There's absolutely nothing in the way the other manuals are written to remind you why you're reading it in the first place. Very sterile... "Feature, parameter, value... next feature, parameter, value... this button adjusts this parameter, that knob adjusts that parameter... blah, blah, blah." I have no idea how that feature effects the sound of the instrument or how it's related to what I want to do."

    I make my way to the manual for the Virus B (presently their all on the table)... Even though I had recently read the Virus manual, I had no problem getting through the Virus B manual. It didn't say, this is different from the old one, or this is increased from last time... instead it was, "You want to make a sound, this is how you do it... then this will get you that, that will get you this, & viola, you have the sound you want." All the new features laid out as part of the story.

    Another thing, I like the introduction, "Congratulations, you just bought the baddest MF synth in the world" I'm paraphrasing.

    Another manufacturer was so crass to say, "We're not going to tell you how to make sound, we assume you already know if you're buying our product, but in the event you're not truly elite, use google." Paraphrasing again.

    Anyway, Kudos to Access, if you're reading this. I'm looking forward to diving into the Virus C manual tonight.

    The virus is a fine synth.. but it doesn't do everything..

    Acoustic instruments and drums are better on rompler (sample/synthesis) architectures.. and if you are going to get both, I would suggest the Motif XF6 and a Virus Ti2 rack.. The motif has a solid keybed and would make a good controller.

    Yeah, I'm not expecting it to do "everything" I'm looking for something to do a particular thing & that's to emulate the synths from the '80s disco era; Prophet-5, Jupiter-8, Juno-60, MiniMoog, etc... As I stated earlier, I have not had any luck finding examples of the Virus doing that on the internet, or any where. Most people playing those sounds (on the internet) are doing it with Romplers or Computers.

    I don't want to use a computer.

    Truth be told, I want a Prophet-5 or a Juno-60 (with midi), but that ain't going to happen, so I'm looking for the next best thing.

    Maybe I'll get a Juno-106.

    I found this snipet in the manual for the Virus A:

    So if I were to select a triangle wave, would turning the shape pot from the left to the right would the wave then "morph" from a triangle to a sawtooth, or would it revert back to a sine wave adding the additional harmonics till it gets to a sawtooth? (Does that make sense?)

    I agree that a lot of the presets are geared for the particular genre that Virus can excel at, but, trust me, it can do just about anything. You just need to get into the guts and program the thing.


    Well I am digging a lot of what I've been able to find on the internet... while I'm not into trance/dance/edm I feel like I could use some of those sounds. However, I'd really hate if I got it home & found out it's not very good at doing what I primarily want it for, know what I mean? So far, the guys doing what I want are mainly using sample/synthesis type boards, like the Motif.

    None of those synths, that I've heard yet have that aggressive sound I'm loving from the Virus, but like I said, that wasn't what I originally set out looking for.

    I should probably get both huh?

    I've been listening to a lot of samples from the internets trying to get a feel for the Virus.

    I'm wanting to buy an analog/VA to start doing stuff along the lines of early '80s disco funk... Rick James, SOS Band , Gap Band, etc...

    However, most everything... well, everything seems to be focused on trance & other edm genres. Cool & inspiring sounds no doubt, but not exactly what I'm looking for. My primary interest is in the bass, this one in particular ( ), but I'd also like to get some of the other sounds as well.

    Can the Virus do the bass from "Don't stop the music"

    I've thought about getting a Moog, or a Prophet... but that Virus is a sexy beast.