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    hey guys Ive posted this in a couple other threads here but Ive got the midi Driver working on Monterey.. I dont have any sort of librarian at this point and will sort that out but for now Im able to connect midi to the Virus from both Logic and Ableton and use my controller to control parameters like Cutoff , Res , ADSR. Heres the link . So far its working well. I'll report back if there are any issues I encounter. .Oh and BTW I have a Virus TI no the TI2 and it still seems to be working

    Cool! I'll try it with TI2 in Logic and let you know how it works.

    Many thanks!

    I’m afraid not (yet). I really hope this will be fixed in the near future. Upgrading operating systems is endorsed to provide the needed security. Failure to update drivers in a timely fashion denies users that level of security which imho in a creative world as ours where our heart and soul is stored on these machines is a no go… i wouldn’t want a ransomware attack on my machine so while updating my mac it renders my virus completely useless. I have to fall back on VSTI synths completely. 1800 euro collecting dust. Fix it ffs!

    Many thanks for your reply. It’s a really shame that Access haven’t updated. I second what you wrote - Upgrading OS is endorsed to provide the needed security.

    I was looking into third-party solutions for patch library, (Google search: vst Library/Patch Editor for Access Virus) but then we need to run the synth trough MIDI. Not everyone has a audio interface with midi in/out those days.

    I really do hope too that Access will fix this very soon!

    I have the same problem, also I have Windows 7 on my laptop.

    Do you had your computer in power saving mode before you started computer,and then the virus?
    or did this happend without power saving mode?

    I recently got a Virus TI2 desktop :D
    Just one problem. after that I installed the vst, so Mouse is freezing randomly, I have tried change USB ports, but still the same.
    Also I have tried few different DAW's. FL Studio,Cubase,Studio One.
    I have tried to inactivate the virus own soundcard as well. But still the same.

    It may be some usb conflicts ?

    Does anyone have a clue?

    Win 7
    Intel core i7 2.30ghz
    16 GB RAM

    Audio interface: NI Komplete Audio 6

    Thanks in advice for help!!!