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    I'm awere that physical midi doesn't work with VC. I'm just hoping that someday access develops plugin that behaves as VC with physical midi. I have made lots of testing too, somehow the usb is not good in my case. I tested even usb to midi cabel, and the result remains the same. When you look at the recorded wave, with physical midi, there is more dynamics in the sound. My usb routing is top notch, so there is nothing to improve that.

    jarh - VSTs (including VC) communicate via Midi - so yes you can take midi from Virus Synth and send it to VC.. and then in VC you can select analogue outputs to record the audio via a audio interface.
    and yes the waveforms will look different, as one is being passed back via the ADC -> DAC , so is not as pure as the digital form via USB or SPDIF. (wether you like the purity is a matter of taste etc :) )

    Sorry I dini't express my self clearly... I don't want use USB as midi source, because there is jitter or something else, that makes the sound different. I have made test's so that midi goes to VC, and then to the analog output of the synth to my RME Fireface 400 input.
    The other test was so, that the midi comes from RME and controls Virus TI, goes back to the RME input. So the only change is the midi control. I highly recommend to try it! :)

    So what I meant, was that I can't use VC only change sound's, automations (when the midi is coming from RME) which is much easier and you can save project's with sounds etc..

    It would be nice to have optional VC which allows this! :)

    That's impossible I think. It would be solution to many problems! I have noticed that the sound is different with midi input.
    The waveform looks totally different if you compare it to USB. It would be nice if VC allows midi in!

    Hi, Is there some limitation with soundbanks? I downloaded new sounds to my TI. First patch wen't well, when I dropped the midi file to my computer. But when I dropped new ones, they didin't show up in the TI's browser. I tryed to delete old patches to make some room to the new ones, but those are still in browser and working well. I thought that TI reads new sounds from the computer only, if I don't save them to the TI. But maybe I'm wrong?