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    Mine got the main board burned by a powerloss. It turned on with blank screen and random leds only.
    If your doesn't completely turns on, it could be simply the internal power supply.
    Service has been fast, my virus stayed away a lilltle more than a month in total, from the day I sent it to the day I received it back at home.
    I'm in Italy, service is is Germany.
    If it's a Power Supply only problem, it will be faster and not so expansive. Worth anyway repairing.
    Wait until when you have some money and repair it.

    A DAW is a production machine, staying 1 OS release back to the current is a commonly achieved rule that applies to both worlds, Mac & Win. Or at least, before upgrading OS it's up to the user to have a quick check if every piece of hardware is fully supported.
    Access also advised in time to wait before updating OS!

    I'm using Win10 as you do, and I'm on 5.0.8...well...sadly this seems to be the last "version matching stable release" for both mac & win: being the latest Mac a 5.1.3 and the latest Win a 5.1.1 if you need to connect your Virus to a Win OS machine and than to a Mac one, this will force you to downgrade-upgrade the internal OS everytime you switch computer. Quite dangerous, boring and yes, stupid thing to do.
    That's why I'm on 5.0.8.
    If you must not do this, I think 5.1.1 will be ok.
    By the way...I noticed now that 5.1.1 "became" a stable release...
    I already asked here in the forum for at least a "fake win release" with just a change in the version string. to match the 2 oses (like they already did before), and Marc also said "we are on it" was January...we are entering October...
    Here you can see: Next release of Virus TI OS?
    Is there any chance that with the next Mac release for Sierra compatibility, we will get also a matching Win version?

    Ok, you are right Marc, anyway here EVERYTHING is legal now.
    I'll change my words in "I think that Apple, being focused on other things, has ruined (in my opinion) OSX" but there's one thing I want to add: I saw this 3-4 months ago on a friend's studio where he had a totally unstable P0lar TI2 on a MacPro hardware (the cylinder one) to the point of being unusable and he was going to sell it. So before taking any extreme decision I went to him and just plugged mine, just to see if it was a synth problem or not. And it wasn't. The Virus that here works, there doesn't. Same has been before for Maschine 1 (now N.I. adapted things). I think I can totally dislike this without offending, and suggest @fuzzykeys to use Win, also 'cause in my opinion right now is way better.
    Hope a post like this is more welcome.
    Have a nice day.

    Well, I haven't insulted Apple, and never insulted anyone, here or elsewhere. Not my general attitude and not what I'm here for.
    I just stated what they did: they broke (fu***d) so many things in OSX, at least for music users, and started pushing an OS every year. Like it or not, it's a fact, and you know it.
    Dear Marc, I work as IT and I needed quickly to LEARN OSX architecture, building an hackintosh is the best way for learning starting straight from the boot architecture, kernel & driver-kexts stuff and file system...being also a regular linux user I just needed to compare some things...
    Before deleting it, I tryed it for music just the time to evaluate if it was just the case to invest on a MacPro or not (I have a macbook for other stuff than music), than I decided it was not for me and this machine got back to Windows, as usual.
    I just avoided trashing 3000 or plus euros for a MacPro which now could only be a source of problems (just my opinion).
    My Win licence is regular and always has been, my Cubase licence also as all my N.I. and Waldorf plugins...and a bounch of other plugs I use are the same...and MOST OF ALL my general attitude is totally opposite to stealing as often I DONATED for developers of freeware plugins and editors for other synths I isn't just my attitude.
    Maybe it's YOU, who insulted ME, now.
    Sad to hear this while on a board to try helping someone...
    I invite you to go and read my past discussions on this board, to evaluate if I insult people or steal stuff...

    I had the Virus TI working on an Asus P6T Deluxe v2 with Snow Leopard and than Mavericks. As Apple F***ed OSX and started making an OS every year I returned to Win with no will to go back. The hackintosh, if well built and configured, has no difference at all with the real thing, I suggest you to have a look on insanelymac forum for the right usb kexts for your mobo.

    Remember when i was waffling on about IRQs, well apparently we can priorities them.…setup-jriver-media-center

    Thanks man ! I only re-checked all my computers irqs & moved some usb s***t everything (included my FW soundcard) run really smoother! I've not edited the registry or disabled services, other smaller optimizations were already on my system.
    This is good infos, in particular for fast checking IRQs. I invite everyone with problems (in Win) to check this stuff...the less shared IRQs you have on sensible stuff, the better it is. Maybe Access could point to this doc. in the setup guide also...won't be bad!
    EDIT: I opened now the most heavy project I had and no more glitches-drops & stuff like that. Not only Virus related stuff I mean, also soundcard drops & co.
    @mitchiemasha : you did my day, thanks a lot!

    Well ,I don't think it is an abandoned project...ok, they may have dropped the snow, the same time they pulled out a new batch of Darkstars...
    I prefer to see the glass half filled and not half empty when there are things that need to be adjusted...even if this depends from others (Access).
    Let's keep fingers crossed :)