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    New Goa Trance track. Have a good summer everyone!

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    Hallo people, hallo Access.
    I'm on Win 8.1 64 bit - Cubase 8.0.20 64 bit and Virus works SUPER FINE.
    If I open the same project, on the same system, but with Cubase 32 bit, Virus looses connection.
    Any idea someone? Marc?
    Thanks in advance 4 your attention!

    A strage thing happened yesterday while designing a patch, I don't know if I found a bug or if this is a limitation by design.
    Simple task: I assigned delay feedback to softknob 1 and delay time to softknob 2. If I use the classic Virus Delay FX this works. But doesn't with tape delay!
    Is this normal behaviour or a bug?
    Anyway I bypassed the limitation assigning controllers 12 and 13 to softknobs, and than, in 2 mod-matrix slots, I used controllers as source and delay time & feedback as destination.

    I had it. See my signature for specs, it's exactly the same machine, apart that now I went back to Win (8.1 64bit). The Virus worked as well on OSX as now in Win, exactly the same. Not Arturia SparkLE, not Soundforge, than I was sick of Apple OS upgrades frequency and hardware-software policy, where things grt dropped earlier than in Win world. I left Windows years ago for this, but now the situation reversed to Apple being even worse. IE: Cubase for win 8 supports win from 7 to 8.1 (more than 7 years back). Cubase 8 for mac goes from Maverics to Yosemite (less than 3 years). That's stupid in my opinion, so I dropped osx.
    Ok, I don't wanna start a Mac vs Win thread, those discussions are just stupid, this is not the place, it wasn't you question...and everyone has good reasons to choose its OS.
    Anyway, PROS: building your own machine (doesn't matter if Win or Osx) has the main convenience of being able to add a pci to usb2 interface there where you find a modern mobo with usb3 only or with an unfriendly chipset. Also, in my situation, having a decent bios, I could disable mobo's internal sound device, and that did a HUGE positive difference for the Virus.
    Also having both Win and OSX in a dual boot setup, helps troubleshooting if you experience problems. At least to identify if they are hardware or software related.
    CONS: messing with kext, finding the right and updated ones in insanelymac forums is a pain, setting up the hackintosh in general is not so immediate. And than, doing it again next year to follow Apple's updates is a bit frustrating. I had fun doing it, I like messing with those things...but not everybody enjoy that...and now, well it's time for some music. I prefer it than tweaking a PC!

    -MOBO: Asus P6T Deluxe v2 (onboard audio disabled)
    -Belkin PCI to USB2 card f5u220v3 dedicated to the Virus
    -Sound Cards: MOTU Ultralite Hybrid mk3 (connected by Firewire) + MOTU Microlite Midi interface
    -Software: Windows 8.1 64 bit + Cubase 8 64 bit
    -P0lar TI2 with latest OS & VC 5.1.1 with 3 usb stereo outs + analogs (generally 1 stereo & 4 monos) routed to my soundcard.

    Works fine. Well, sometimes arps go a little out of synch but a stop & go is enought to obtain normal behaviour again
    Sometimes Cubase freezes but don't know if it's related to the Virus or some other plugin, anyway it's a rare event, I see this maybe once in a week...overall, considered the large amount of tracks and Virus ABUSE it is working quite good and stable.
    Previously the exact same setup had MacOSX Mavericks instead of Windows (it was an hackintosh) and worked exactly in the same way.

    Hi, thanks a lot, i'm happy that you like :)
    Well, I litterally made abuse of the sound of Virus in the track, so it's faster to tell you what is NOT from the Virus :D :D :D
    -The bass is a Waldorf Pulse (old model, not the 2).
    -The drum obviously is not from the Virus (I use a SparkLe).
    -The synth entring at 3:00 is an FM8 (but you can do that quickly on the Virus)
    -Choirs are from Omnisphere
    -The TB-303 line at 3:30 is a Roland TB-3

    A part some small fx here and there...ALL the rest IS VIRUS.
    Robot-like voices are Virus, all synths not mentioned above are Virus, the classic Arp is Virus, the long rising-up-faster sound is Virus.
    The "bells" making the short melody at 5:45 and the following heavy flanged-delayed sound are a single Virus patch morphing with tons of automations assigned to the modwheel.Than at 6:15 enters a low-squelching lead to accompain and give power to the previous sound...that too is Virus.
    To achieve a more "metallic" sound try with FM & Ring mod.

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    You can also use them as 6 mono channells.
    And if VC works for you, you have additional 3 stereo usb outs inside your sequencer.
    I generally start with the following template: 3 usbs and the first analog pair as stereo parts, and than the remaining 4 analogs as mono, so I get 4 stereo and 4 mono parts.
    Having 16 outs would be a dream, but, more parts than outs is not bad if you plan to program layered sounds.

    And I answer to myself hoping that my experience can be useful to others: the guilty was the last loaded plugin: Cubase's Multiband compressor on Virus usb channel 2.
    You have to activate it's "Live button" to have tracks in sync. Not shure if this is a bug or its normal behaviour. But without its "Live" button, tracks assigned to Analog OUTs in VC for me are playing 170ms in advance.

    I tried switching to a previous working Win Image (drastic solution) didn't help.
    Reinstalling VC and all, didn't help.
    Changing the buffer didn't help
    Resetting the Virus didn't help
    Still, using a workaround, in Cubase inspector I set the 2 tracks playing in analog at + 170ms. The normal track sounds good, the one with arp still sounds sh** :(
    Until yesterday it wasn't like this and I did nothing to my system. Since October (when got the virus) all was fine.

    Hallo forum! I'm using Cubase 8.0.5 on Win 8.1 with Virus TI latest OS & Software.
    I use VC to control the virus, with sounds from virus both to USB outs, and analog also.
    Until yesterday everything was PERFECT.
    Now, this morning, USB stuff works perfectly as usual, but not analog audio. It has a kind of "latency compensation" (maybe) that makes it play about 3/32 before than it should.
    I calculated approssimatively this by setting quantization to 1/32 and shifting note blocks by 3 steps...and does the job.
    Analog audio is routed into my Motu UltraLite but I don't think this is the problem, a Waldorf Pulse and a TB3 also are routed in that soundcard and their audio is in synch.
    Any clue???

    Yes, me too I'm using a software arp now (BlueArp), anyway the Virus should be able to send out notes. In my situation it works while in standolone midi mode (both single and multi mode) but not while in sequencer mode (running VC).