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    Thanks a lot, flabberbob! Yes, you are right, I tryed this some minutes ago while messing around with the arp & ports. If I create a new midi track and put TI Synth as in and Virus midi out as out, It does send midi data from the physical port on the back. As you say it behaves exactly as another midi device (as for example my motu micro lite multiport does).
    So this suggest that it's not possible, not in this way. :pinch:
    But what about the Arp Out? Is there a way to use it anywhere else than inside VC?

    Hi people :) In single mode, I can send Arp notes to the Virus Midi Out, no problem at all.
    But not in Sequencer Mode.
    I'm using VC in Cubase, I can use Arp in Virus tracks (internally), but I find NO WAY to send it out to midi port on viruses back, and yes, I already set Arp Note Send to ON.
    Manual says nothing about this.
    Can this be done or not by design?
    Thanks in advance :)

    Yes, get a soundcard with at least 6 analog inputs, to connect the 6 Virus analog outs. Than create & activate the corresponding audio tracks in your sequencer :)
    I'm using right now the 3 usbs as stereo and analog 1 also as stereo pair.
    Than outs 3-4-5-6 as mono. In total 4 stereo and 4 mono tracks.
    While I'm here, Marc, a question about nearly the same subject: digital in & outs can't be used while using VC, right? 'Cause they aren't listed as an option, for me :(

    While switching my Cubase 8 projects from a Mac to a Win machine, I found a BIG problem with my Virus TI.
    Reopening projects works, everything else is ok, but the Virus TI plugin isn't recognized.
    Reloading it manually works, but resets mixer channells, automations, and loaded patches.
    Both systems Mac and Win are 64 bits, last version of VC, same Virus P0lar, Cubase 8. In both cases my TI works stable.
    But Windows Cubase doesn't reload the plugin if the project has been built on Mac, telling me "Virus TI is missing". But It is there and I can use it, but only recreating a new istance.
    Any idea?

    Also see Virus Bootcamp episode 5 for that "movement"

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    I share my experience hoping that it can be useful to others:
    I had the P0lar TI2 working quite well with VC, except some random freeze (muting) and constant freezing on some patches, as ROM-A 2 Veldisa BC.
    Installing a PCI USB Multiport, did the trick!
    The model is: BELKIN F5U220 PCI REV:3
    I'm on Mavericks 10.9.5 with Cubase 7.5.30 and latest Virus OS/Software suite and drivers.
    I use the P0lar as masterkeyboard and totally by VC's USB audio. Also 6 mono tracks instead of 3 stereo are working.
    I'm on a self-build hackintosh with a P6T Deluxe v2 but I think this may work also on MacPros (Old models with a PCI slot onboard) & may on a Win PC also.
    This PCI-USB cards can be found on ebay at cheap prices...worth to try :thumbup:

    I think I'm the third in the forum to ask for this...well, I add my voice to the chorus, hoping that you at Access will listen to us (if this is tecnically possible).
    I'm building my remote template for an old Waldorf Pulse 1. I already mapped Filter, envelopes and OSCs' functions, But to complete the job, to totally program the Pulse from the Virus panel, use of buttons to dial in exact values is reeeeally appreciated (if not A MUST).
    Can this be done?
    Thanks in advance, Acces people :) :)

    I'm happy to know that in some way, you have improved your Virus behaviour. I'm not experimenting big problems even on USB audio. I set the output of Cubase to my TC Konnekt Live soundcard, buffer at 128. The virus sends 1 Stereo channel and 4 monos straight into cubase's mixer (using busses to achieve stereo signal for those mono tracks). What's crazy is that generally if you have crackles and instability, a bigger buffer helps. Not in the case of Virus. Lowering the buffer to 128 helped.'s better like this :D
    Anyway, I found here in Italy a guy selling over ebay for 7 euros a Belkin PCI-USB 4 ports interface. Considering it's just 7 euros I'm gonna try it and will let you know.

    Pyr, me too I'm on hackintosh (P6T Deluxe v2) and Cubase 7.5.30. Try disabling inside Cubase The VirusTI Midi (if you use usb, you only need the interface named Virus TI Synth). Remove also from "In All MIDI" all the interfaces you don't need.
    I had my CC121 controller crashing itself and the Virus also. Removing it from In All MIDI did the job.
    Also loading the Virus as Instrument Rack (and not track) improved a lot the "Virus experience".