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    I bought the Belkin Thunderbolt Express Dock (F4U055ywAPL), and every thing is just perfect now!! No sync problems, no crackles, no weird behaviour at all. Using Virus TI2 Desktop, 8 to 10 timbres at once, with the audio output either though usb and the fiscal outs, and everything is working.

    I hope you find this helpful.



    I was having this same error about Virus sharing the same usb hub, etc, etc. Even though i was´t using a hub. This happened whenever i connected my apogee duet and the virus at the same time. Now, I got to know how to fix this (actually, is not a fix, but a procedure).

    You just need to to things with the next order:

    1. Connect your virus via usb
    2. Open your sequencer (Ableton 9 in my case)
    3. Load the Virus TI Plugin (or load your project with your previously used TI plugin). You have to do this before connecting other stuff
    4. Only after all this has been done, connect whatever extra peripheral you need, audio card, usb hubs, controllers, etc

    Doing this way you won't get the infamous "virus is using the same usb hub" error.

    I hope this helps, I was going nuts, and tried all possible combinations of connections, and I've been using this one for a while now and everything is smooth.

    Best wishes and happy 2015,