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    Hi everyone.... little update here -

    I followed the helpful guide here - TI Setup Guide.pdf which may help some people... but I tried everything and the problem still persists..

    I have noticed a trend though..... if I use my midi controller keyboard to control the Virus, it seems that the problem does not occur but if I use the keys on the virus... that is when the problem happens. So for now, I have a workaround which might help some people out there!

    I have also been hit by the dreaded "ghost notes"

    My Virus has never been gigged... I use it strictly in my studio and it has worked fine since I bought it. I had to move my studio around and it sat disconnected for about a year while the new studio got built and I connected everything back up and everything works.....except the Virus.

    It plays a long sustained note randomly as well as volume going down and bizarre results when using the ring modulator, pole filters, resonance, random bouts of latency etc...

    It is heartbreaking because I saved up a lot of money to buy this thing and for seemingly no reason it is acting so unpredictably it is unusable... It happens a few minutes into using it every time. I have come across quite a few posts across the internet by people that have this problem but I am yet to see any solutions....... this was a working system and there have been no changes to any hard or software... I am running firmware The only thing that may have changed are the USB ports I plugged it back in to but I really don't see why that would cause such a massive problem??

    Can anyone help? Please? I am desperate to get this working again...

    I have the same problem.

    When I start a project with the Virus, everything seems fine..... then one day I will open the project and it will say "starting Virus" on the screen of the hardware, I see the disk cache usage spike and redline on the Transport window and it just crashes Cubase.

    I am using Cubase 8, Windows 8 and OS 5.0.8

    This is not the "total integration" experience I was hoping for and I am worried after reading so many people with the same issue!? It took me 2 hours to try and work around this last week when I was trying to work and another 4 hours tonight where I am able to do nothing at all in my studio!!!!

    I have just downloaded the 5.1 beta and I am praying it works because after wanting a Virus for many years, saving up all my money to buy one I am having a miserable and frustrating time.