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    I want to have the control pedal to control Expression CC 11. I set Control Pedal to Expression #11. Great.
    I want to control midi volume from a DAW. I set MIDI Volume to Enabled and it seems like no matter what I have the Control Pedal mapped to it sends midi volume to the engine. No matter what I have Control Pedal assigned to it controls the volume.
    Any one else have this problem?
    Am I missing something obvious?

    This is weird and I wonder if anyone here can unravel it.
    Go to an init patch.
    Add some delay.
    Go to the Filterbank and add Ring Modulation, Mix 100%, Frequency +0, Stereo Phase -64
    The delay disappears.
    Move frequency to anything but +0 it comes back.
    Move Stereo Phase to anything but -64 and it comes back.

    Anyone know enough about what's going on here under the hood to explain it?

    I'm looking for a detailed explanation of how the grain and formant oscillators work.
    I've read the manual and seen the boot camp videos.
    I would really like to see a detailed explanation of how they work. Twiddling the knobs has been great but enquiring minds want to know.
    BTW I love creating some grain oscillator sound and then dropping the pitch all the way. Very cool

    Those SOS Synth Secrets articles are great, that's normally the first place I direct people to when they want to learn about synthesis. It does take time to wade through them all but it is worth the effort, even if you just read 2 or 3 a week.

    If you prefer a video type tutorial then these are also very good, they're not free but if you watch them you will learn a lot - a months subscription is a good place to start at MPV as that will let you watch any of the tutorials in their huge library.

    I'm going through those SOS Synth secrets columns. Jeez they're great but there are a lot of them. Very informative. I'm on article 25 of 63. Well worth it if you are obsessed with synth programming.

    I know this is a ancient thread I'm reviving but...
    I just got a TI2 keyboard a few weeks ago and I'm having a hard time understanding why the Polars etc are so popular as opposed to the 61 key version.
    Is it just desk space?
    I think the 3 octaves and particularly the placement of the pitch and mod wheels would drive me nuts.