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    Hi Stevenclements
    the reason you get what you get is you are using the Apple AU plugin. the Post Fx, 2- Virus..... options appear if you use the VST!!! I asked Access why the difference - they said they were the same and i must be using the TI plugin and not the Snow plugin!

    New to Virus TI Snow so not sure where I am going wrong. I have loaded the demo song that comes with the Snow but although Midi is sent to the snow I dont get any audio back? I have tried many configs as seen on youtube etc but none work. Im running a late 2014 MBP with Yoesemite and live 9.

    Post fix comments. 3 restarts later it started working?
    mmmmm. it does seem a bit of a lottery as to whether the snow will route audio back. I can kinda make it reliably work if i ensure it is the last thing to start. is on a separate hub - i think i have managed this by using a belkin dock.

    Ive ditched my focusrite 2i2 and am using the Snow as the sound card - works fine as long as i directly connect to the mbp as via the dock you get mains hum! Although that said it's not that quiet when nothing is happening.

    Also the quick start guide really does need an upgrade as well as the tutorial - in as much as all the 'old' you tube videos dont mention requiring to modify the virus setting to set each part onto it's own usb stereo pair ie USB 1 for Audio channel 1 USB2 for Audio Channel 2 USB 3 for Audio Channel 3.

    If I have missed the point especially any real gotchas can you let me know