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    Hi People,

    The ti seems to be doing something very strange for us after this new update..

    It seems the virus is out of sync but still in time.

    Strangely it seems to be be playing the notes 1/16 before it should... ;(

    Any ideas at all on whats going on??

    Any ideas on how to sort this?

    Even after PC and Ti reset the problem still exsists.

    All other softsynths and software are fully sync'd and in time. just not the TI on any patches?!

    This is driving me mad!!



    I have just rendered the sequence to a wav file and placed it back in the project.

    The sound begins before the key is pressed and stops before the key is released??!

    Tried with several synth patches and an Init. Same outcome.

    Virus Details
    Ti Version:
    Control Ver:
    Audio driver 2.8.14

    M audio Delta 66
    Cubase SX 5
    Win XP