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    What I would suggest to all Virus users who upgraded their Macs etc is to stop giving a fuck about the whole control integration dog turd etc. Virus excels at sound and that's where its POWER. Use Sysex librarian to transfer patches, and use basic Midi to interconnect with your daw.

    There might be some weird and unexpected stuff going on at the company which we can't know for sure, focus on making music, Virus is the best synth. My Polar bad boy makes me very happy and cures my depression, even more so than Playstation 5 lol.


    Indeed. Life goes on ... even though Access' behavior (or better: non-behavior) is embarrassing. Being a German but not involved in the company, I even feel shame. We got a word for it: "Fremdschämen" (feeling ashamed on someone else's behavior ....)

    Nevertheless, please could you share your setup ? I would be interested in the interfaces (MIDI, Audio) and the software you are using. Do you experience any problems with your setup ?

    I am still on MacOS High Sierra where my TI Polar works fine, but I will get a new Mac soon. I thought about a combination of a Behringer UMC1820 (for the 6 audio channels plus MIDI) and the Mystery Islands "Access VirusHC AudioUnit & VSTi Librarian Editor Plug-in".

    Your answer will be highly appreciated !!

    Dear All,

    I think it's about time to move on ... very soon I will have a new Mac with a new macOS which will not be supported by Access. I will then include the Virus TI2 in my setup like all the historical stuff here around (DX-7, JD990, ..). I mean, I will connect the six audio outputs to an dedicated interface (e.g. Behringer UMC1820; 200€), which will provide as well the necessary MIDI In and Out for hardwiring the Virus MIDI. In addition, I will use a VST-module (e.g. the Access VirusHC module from Mystery Islands) to control the Virus TI2.

    I there anyone out there doing exactly this (hardwiring Audio and MIDI and controlling the Virus through a third-party VST module) ?

    Would you be willing to share your setup and experience (what is good, what could be better) ?

    My intention is to find the next-best alternative to Access' "Total Integration", which I consider being gone for Catalina and all future versions of macOS. I am as well disappointed about Access' attitude and ignorance, but complaining for months and months does not get us any further. Let's find an appropriate workaround, even though it might require some additional investment in an audio interface, a VST module and some cables.

    Thank you very much,


    Hi. It kind-of works, but I find that the timing becomes very unreliable and jittery.

    Also, Virus doesn’t receive MIDI via anything other than the plug-in, if the plug-in is running.

    I’d like to be proves wrong on all that though.

    Thank you for the quick answer.

    So, I understood, that the original Virus-Plug-in only allows for MIDI via USB. To send MIDI through a MIDI interface, a third-party-plugin needs to be used (like from mystery islands or MidiQuest).

    Question: Does the timing issue become better, if both Midi and Audio are sent through dedicated interfaces ?

    Dear All,

    Even though reading through the thread and following up regularly, I am a bit puzzled. Here my situation/question:

    I need to get a new Mac soon, coming with macOS Catalina and I will need my Virus TI working with it. I do have many other synths, hardwired through a MIDI-interface and an audio interface. They are all controlled by VST-plugins out of Ableton Live 10. This works all fine fine for a Moog Sub 37, Oberheim Matrix 1000, Waldorf XT, Roland JD990, Yamaha DX7 and many more ...

    Is there anyone out there who did exactly this with a Virus TI, hardwiring it through a MIDI interface and the six (3x2) audio-outs through an audio interface and still controlling it through the Virus VST-plugin out of a DAW ?? Any experience with it ?

    Of course, I would prefer the built-in Total-Integration-USB-solution, because it saves me 6 audio-ins on an interface. Nevertheless, I do not want to miss the Virus TI and I am prepared to invest in a dedicated audio/midi-interface for the Virus. If it works ....

    Thanks a lot !!



    wouldn't it be on option to make make the code of the Virus Plugin publicly available. I guess there are some clever people around who could adjust the plugin faster than Access could ever do ...

    ... just a thought ... need to get a replacement for my 2011 iMac this year. And new Macs only come with Catalina ....

    I just upgraded to MacOS High Sierra (10.13) and got indeed a problem:


    • It's an iMac with two drives (SSD and HDD). System, library and applications are on the SSD. All my data (my home folder) are on the HDD.
    • Like all SSD now in MacOS 10.13, the SSD is formatted as APFS; the HDD is formatted in Journaled HFS+; The Virus TI Installer allows only to install on the SSD.
    • Ableton is the new version 9.7.5, checked and compatible with MacOS 10.13.

    The issue:

    • I installed all Virus related stuff completely new, using the Virus TI Installer for macOS.
    • During installion, the Virus TI Installer finds the Virus TI Polar connected, checks and updates its firmware. All fine.
    • After restart (forced by the Virus TI Installer) MacOS is still able to find the Virus TI Polar: Audio-Midi-Stup shows the Virus connected in the correct configuration.
    • However ... when I start the Virus Control Center, it will not find the Virus. Disconnecting/connecting all cables of the virus and restart in the USB Update Mode does not help. The Virus Control Center is not able to find the Virus.
    • Consequently, also the Virus VST-plugin does not find the Virus. Rebooting the synth with "Arp-Exit" doesn't help.
    • Double-checked on a MacBook Air with one 500GB SSD (also formatted as APFS) - exactly same issue

    Any idea what else I could try ??

    Thanks a lot !!

    Just to clarify what I'm talking about: Left side the window of the Audio-Midi-SetUp (Virus is there); on the right the window of the Virus Control Center (can't find Virus) ...