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    I upgraded to Cubase 8.0.30 (Windows 7 Pro / x64 / i7 / 64GB RAM) with the hope that life might be better but that has not helped the situation. I continue to encounter issues with my TI2 Polar.

    I thought I was on to something recently when I decided to check for updates for the TI2 Audio & USB drivers and there WERE actual updates. Prior to the updated drivers, my TI2 Polar was at least being RECOGNIZED, now that I have updated the drivers my computer and the Virus Control Center are not even recognizing the TI2. I even attempted the re-boot process several times per protocol / forum info. I also submitted a support request via email to Access Music but have yet to hear back.

    I also believe that depending upon where you install the TI2 software you may perhaps run into issues... for example, some Windows "Folders" are "Write-Protected" and I think that this is DEFINTELY causing issues but I do not yet know how to get past the User Access Control (UAC) settings.

    Furthermore, there is apparently an Virusx64_Updater.dll File that I was sent to copy/paste into my Windows/Sys32 folder and I am not sure if this is helping or hindering now.

    I wish that Access Music would provide some programming patches for the lot of us, but I also understand that there are SO MANY variables and SO MANY different Operating Systems to attend to and whatnot. It is a shame. Just wish we could all get this beautiful piece of musical art working seamlessly. I will remain optimistic.

    If anyone has any input to assist, I would appreciate it.

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    I have updated all drivers, installed all Microsoft updates and still my computer will not recognize my TI2!! Ugggh!

    It has been one thing after another with this device.

    Although, Access Virus support has attempted to support me through email, I still feel like I should be getting a hell of lot better support for the amount of money spent on this synth.

    I am even working with Microsoft technicians (4 hours of phone discussion over the last 5 days) and have yet to determine the root cause of the USB issue.


    Hope everyone else is at least enjoying their beautiful "looking" synths.



    Worked like a charm! I just mixed-down my first Virus TI2 Darkstar MIDI to audio!

    Thank you so much for the assistance! Every other site made it seem like attempting to do this was rocket science! :)

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    UPDATE: 08-22-2015

    User "Daksha" kindly provided the below input and I was able to resolve my situation. TI2 Darkstar is working as advertised! Phew!




    Hiya everyone,

    So, I found this thread and it immediately struck a chord (pun intended)... I recently purchased the Virus TI2 DarkStar and when I attempt to either "render" the midi, which in Cubase 8 is basically by "exporting" the ONE Virus track from MIDI to Audio and then having it automatically paste the audio into the current project (at least this is the only way that I have found to work in some fashion, so that I can use a SEPARATE instance of the TI2 - SO freaking tedious!).

    Anyways, Eugene, I am experiencing the EXACT same phenomenon. Perfectly edited automation that sounds AMAZING in MIDI and after rendering the audio has subtle but IMO very noticeable changes. Not a click issue due to latency or anything, or so I believe. I just CANNOT get the TI2 MIDI to replicate to the SAME sounding arpeggiator in this instance. I have attempted DOZENS of workarounds and so far the result are audio sounds that I consider to be a horrible reflection of the TI2.

    I have contacted Steinberg and I will need to contact Access Support in near term because of this unacceptable rendering issue. My gut is telling me that Cubase and the TI2 must be "fighting" one another, as someone else mentioned I think. Again, IMHO it must be an underlying feature in BOTH of the products that is "shorting out" the translation from MIDI to AUDIO.

    If anyone from Access reads this, can you provide some feedback for the rest of us?! #Access #TI2 #Darkstar

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    Cubase 8 Pro 8.0.20 (most up-to-date version)
    WIN7 / x64
    i7 / 32GB RAM