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    Hello! I have been trying out the arpeggiator on the virus . I wanted to further customize an up/down arp by removing some tones from being played so I tried to mute one by reducing the velocity knob on the desired step to the lowest setting. I realized that none of the sounds I play with the virus are affected by key velocity. Tried it out in both Fruity Loops and Cubase, so I am wondering if there is some setting in the virus I need to make changes to, or if it is something different. I googled that there might be something in the common tab of the digital panel of the virus but I couldn't really find anything relating to my problem there.

    Maybe there is some other way to hand craft an arpeggiator pattern, but it would be very nice to sort out this key velocity problem!

    Hello guys :)

    I have been trying to use more than 1 channel within fruity loops 12. I figured out how to make the midi-out channels and can map the 16 different virus channels to those. Now the problem is how to apply effects to these midi-outs. From searching around I found that I could set a channel output settings to usb1 / usb2 LR and apply effects normally to those. I saw however that others have access to a usb3 LR which is greyed out for me.

    I read something about multi output, but didn't get a grasp on it.
    Could someone please explain to me the difference between usb1/2/3 or point me in the direction of why I cant use usb3 main out? Fruity loops related?

    Also if there is another way to apply effects directly to the midi out channels that would be great as well. Surely it must be possible to put external effects on more than 2 separate instruments at a time using the usb1/2 method.

    I will supply extra information if needed. Thanks for your help.