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    i know it's been a month but you should really just re-install all drivers for the Virus TI and go from there.

    also make sure you turn it off at the wall to truely restart it as it doesn't really turn off properly when that little red light glows.

    Even re-install S1 and try another DAW or older version of S1 to see what changes if anything.

    Try the Virus on another PC if possible.. it may need a factory reset as well.

    try a different USB port & cable etc & hope you don't end up needing to re-install windows.


    new Virus TI owner here.. 1 week so far..
    i'm experiencing the following strange behavior.

    When i boot my PC up to the desktop, then switch the Virus on (connected via USB) my sound card won't pass any audio.
    meaning i can't hear audio from you tube or listen to a FLAC or MP3 file.
    no windows sounds or anything.. total silence.

    there is no DAW running.. just the Virus TI powered up & connected to the PC over USB.
    if i unplug the USB cable from the back of the Virus the sound card instantly starts working again..
    if i put the USB cable back in the sound cuts out again.

    when i run a DAW, it passes audio fine & works normally & i still can't hear you tube or a FLAC/MP3 file.
    the Virus is on it's own USB buss (nothing sharing with it at all)

    Does anyone know what is wrong ?

    system specs:
    Windows 10 x64
    ASUS p8p67 deluxe mobo
    i7 7600k cpu
    sound card - RME 9632 (plus 4ch AD expansion card) with latest drivers (vers
    Virus TI (OS Virus Control Center says it's up to date.
    DAW (Samplitude mainly & sometimes Ableton LIVE 9)