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    I really applaud Access for the fantastic dedication and ongoing support for the Virus support. The fact that Access constantly update the TI with brilliant new features cannot be denied. However, part of me wishes we could have a definitive version that is ROCK solid, instead of what seems to be a constant stream of Beta releases. I realise that the TI is in a constant state of evolution, and therefore relates to what seems to be a permanent Beta state for the TI, but I would rather forgo some new features and have a really solid and reliable synthesizer instead.

    There are problems that I and other users have experienced with the TI that have been ongoing for some time, regarding especially issues to do with sync, latency and the arpeggiator,. To my mind at least, these haven't been fixed satisfactorily. What is the point in having an arpeggiator if it will not sync properly? What is the point in having direct integration with DAW and sequencers if the latency is a real problem and the sync constantly misbehaves?

    I don't want to have a downer on Access because I love my TI, but I feel we need a definitive version that works across the board. When it boils down to it, I want to use my TI, but I hesitate these days, because I know that it won't be straight forward, and I know it will throw up issues. Last night while working on a track I needed an arp patch, and I gave up on it in the end because of the sync problems and turned to a different plugin. This is a shame. I want to be able to turn to my TI for most of my synth needs, but at the moment it is just too unreliable and buggy, and it's been like that for quite some time, over a number of releases.

    And unless users like you, who are noticing very specific problems (from the sounds of it), get motivated enough to provide Access with *detailed* information of exactly what is happening, and detailed information about your setup, rather than "sync issues" and "latency problems", they aren't going to be able to do anything.

    I'm not saying your problems aren't real, but if they're such a problem I don't see why you wouldn't go that little bit further to document some of them properly.

    Video maybe?

    I just got the idea that it could be nice and easy as well to integrate a morph fader, in order to morph between two or more sounds. What you think about this? With other words, two or more Patches are played multitimbral and you can blend from one Patch into the other) so you can create nice, very complex Pad sounds!!!

    OK, it is possible to do this by using the volume fader of the patches, but it is not the same!

    Love this.

    This is one of the very few things I've always dreamed of that Access haven't already given us :)

    well, we can't complain about this because we should be happy they are constantly updating + upgrading the TI for us, though they shouldn't let us know already if it's going to take months. :S

    By the way, lfmC, i am borrowing your signature if you don't mind. :whistling:

    Gonna have to disagree (even though I want it badly too), since NAMM is surely the best place for them to show off upcoming features and products (even if they do take some time afterwards to be ready).

    Hey, at least they haven't done a Stromberg on us, lol

    Access always brings out the goods!

    I just checked the new OS4 preview videos - oh yes, Access Music really rocks! Thank you! New filters and especially modulation arpeggio looks inspiring and I just thought that two or three modulation parameter pages for a single arp pattern perhaps can be added for next OS :) although single page is great already.

    Agreed, multiple pages would be sweet. Perhaps this is not possible with the current hardware though?

    THANKS ACCESS!! :) :) :)

    We have this already in the form of Section Locking

    Thanks for this great feature Ben, it's awesome :thumbup:

    Some ideas for OS4.5 :D
    Perhaps it could be extended to a multi-patch Section Locking feature. Here, you could select patch A, and decide you like sections 1 2 and 3, so you lock them. Continue browsing through patches, and find a patch, patch B, in which you like sections 4, and 5, so you lock these. Continue browsing through patches, and finally find patch C, which has section 6 and it's just perfect, so you lock it.

    Now you have a brand new patch, comprised of:
    Sections 1, 2 and 3 from Patch A
    Sections 4 and 5 from Patch B
    Section 6 from Patch C

    Does it already work like this? Sorry, I'm away from my TI at the moment and haven't used section lock for some weeks now and I'm a bit rusty!

    A separate feature: Section Morphing.

    Each currently lockable section could have a new parameter assigned to it, "Section Morph". This parameter would control the change of *all* parameters within that section. There would also be a "Destination" parameter, in which another patch is selected. Now, when you turn the "Section Morph" knob in the +ve direction, all parameters are *increased* in a linear fashion from their current values, to the values found in the "Destination" patch. Similarly if the "Section Morph" knob is turned in a -ve direction, parameters in the current patch are *decreased* until they match. Values would probably be scaled, such that it requires a full -64 to +64 movement to change all parameters from their current positions to the new positions.

    Now imagine using the Section Morph parameter as a mod destination 8o

    I believe the Virus TI Audio Driver 2.8.31 to be causing high DPC latency.
    If this is correct (other users should test and report) this is a serious issue that must be resolved before this OS can come out of beta, as high DPC latency results in pops and clicks in audio streams.

    With the TI Audio Driver disabled in Device Manager, I get latency around 20-50us, but with it enabled it jumps to over 100us with spikes of over 150us and occasional (every few mins) spikes of over 2000us.

    Enabled #1
    [Blocked Image:]

    Enabled #2
    [Blocked Image:]

    [Blocked Image:]

    As I said previously, installs fine on Windows 7 x64, and works in both Cubase 5.1.1 and Ableton Live 8.

    Still got quite a sluggish interface, though this is not reported to be fixed yet.

    Seems to lose the USB connection though. By this I mean that unless the TI is turned on prior to bootup, the driver is not visible in Device Manager, and VC cannot establish connection in either host.
    Restarting the host and PC with the TI turned on sometimes fixes it.

    I had no problems updating my Virus TI (1) Desktop to 3.3.4 under Windows 7 x64.

    I did however come across another strange interface bug (in addition to the known laggy interface).

    If I press the Enter key, VC crashes and then reloads itself. This happens with both Enter keys on the keyboard, and surprisingly it happens whether or not VC is the active window!

    System details:
    Windows 7 x64
    Ableton Live 8.0.4
    TI OS 3.3.4
    Dedicated Texas Instruments PCI express USB card

    I'm running Windows 7 x64 using the TI Polar (3.3.0) and it works great!
    The VST interface is a bit slow but not as bad as some have described (at least not for me).
    I'm not using the TI as an audio interface, for that I'm using a Steinberg MR816 CSX.
    Anyway, I'm experiencing far fewer problems with Cubase 5 with Windows 7 than I did with XP Pro. I would never go back to using XP.

    Interesting, thanks for your insight.

    Unfortunately I would avoid Windows 7 if you've got the chance.

    There are problems with the interface being laggy due to changes Microsoft made, and Access are apparently working on a fix but it's not easy, as it will require a significant re-write of existing code to change the way the VST is drawn.

    I would personally go with 32bit XP or Vista SP2 and save yourself the heartache! Upgrade to Windows 7 in a years time. By then it surely will be a solid OS for a productive environment. I'm going to downgrade from x64 Windows 7 all the way back to XP next time I format, as I'm just sick of it not working 100% :(