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    Not the best rendition I appreciate, but I tried to create/amend a patch a little while ago that reflected Wish You Were Here...

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    I'll dig out what I did if you're interested (probably not after listening to this! )

    Those sound great... please share!

    A bigger, re-scalable GUI would be awesome, esp for those of us that use laptops. The text in the VC can be very hard to see.

    Hey, folks

    Another day, another question.

    I'm thinking of a way I can sync all of my instruments and pedals (including a TI desktop, several Strymon pedals, an Eventide H9, and a Korg Minilogue), with a midi tap tempo pedal. Should be pretty easy, as I'd also have a splitter so I can send it out to all of the devices. Here's the dilemma, though... I have midi controller hooked up to my TI desktop that doesn't have MIDI ins, just outs. How can I get the midi timecode from the pedal to the Virus, considering my controller's already using the MIDI IN port? Going into the MIDI Thru wouldn't be possible, would it?

    Thanks. :D

    Remember that the first 16 Multi preset locations differ from the rest in that they store the full preset data of every of the 16 presets contained in the multi. I'd assume that you cannot store a multi from the first 16 locations to a higher location, or vice versa.

    You know, I think that would explain it... when I was trying to modify a multi from the first 16 and save it, it wouldn't let me. When started from scratch on number 17, it would. Thanks. That makes sense.

    Hi, folks,

    After one problem after another with the used TI2 I bought, I sent it back, and got a really good deal on a new one. It doesn't crash unexpectedly or have the problem with even numbered midi channels not working, but I'm noticing two bugs with my new one that I also had with the old one, and I'm just wondering if these are things that need to be updated in the next update, if that ever happens. I'm using the latest Windows drivers.

    Problem 1... sporadically, when I go to save a multi, it just doesn't let me. I don't have the memory write protection on. I go to save it in a blank slot, hit ths 'store', like it says, and nothing. Frustrating, after working to perfect a new multi.

    Problem 2... I use my Virus as the master for tempo, with my Korg Minilogue as a slave. Problem is, when I have the TI set up for send for the sync, it really seems to slow down the system... sometimes, controls and such are unresponsive, as though sending the sync is bogging down the system.

    Anyone else have these problems? All the more reason I hope Access is going to give us one more update for Windows.

    Well, I got my new one, it's pristine, and after a few hours, have all of my ROMS and multis back. I did what you said, Since the keys I use for my Virus are mapped for 1, 2, 3, I set the ML at ch. 4. So I definitely have them playing separate. Have ML set to recieve, and the Virus set for send. I have it working, but I ended up having to go midi out, not thru, from the Virus.


    I ended up having to send my Virus back (I bought it used, and it has a lot of problems), but I have a new one coming, so I'll try this out, when I get it. When you say "the keyboard", you mean the controller I use for the Virus, not the keyboard on the Minilogue, right?