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    Thanks, nice!
    Thought it must be tutorial stuff, but didn't find it.
    A bootcamp link connected directy to the patch downolads would be helpful.

    There must be something wrong with the Windows 64bit dll.
    The new beta version dll was only below 300kb big and did not work.

    After reinstalling the original 4.5 release, everything is back to normal, and the dll has around 650kb.

    Marc, Timo, whoever?

    Windows 7 64, Access TI
    Previous official version 4.5. worked on this system-
    Control center works after public beta update and indicates that everything is ok.

    Problem: TI dll does not work at all.
    It doesn't show as VSTi in sequencer (Sonar) despite same folder structure as previous install.
    It also does no longer work with Savihost wrapper (name error when starting savihost despite renaming savihost.exe correctly to Virus TI.exe)

    Anyone else?
    Any idea?

    Generally speaking, besides some well done Matt Picone and Howard Scarr Sounds, classical synth Sounds from the 70s and 80s, in one word the real analog side of VA, are heavily underrepreseted in the TI soundbanks, while trance leads and the like come in silly amounts of slight and absolutely meaningless variations.

    Something like the Arturia "Synth Heroes" series is completely missing from Access sound culture, despite masses of freely available online banks.
    Thematic sounds resembling those of great keyboarders like Joe Zawinul, George Duke, Jan Hammer, Keith Emerson, Bernie Worrell, Jean-Michel Jarre, Vangelis, Tony Banks, Klaus Schulze and many others are few, and sometimes hard to find in the big Access libraries, if the name doesn't tell enough already.

    From my view the latest OS updates with new analog modes, mod matrix sources and effects are right away shouting for such thematic banks! :thumbup:
    I don't regard this as a question of "vintage" versus "charts", but rather as a question of exciting overall variety.

    After moving my recording system to a new notebook (bought only for recording), I am facing massive problems with the TI audio driver 2.8.45. ?(

    And here we go:
    - Notebook W7/64 with 4Gb RAM and Intel i5 (2nd generation).
    - Access TI beta 4.5 (64bit)

    When running Kontakt in my sequencer (Sonar X1) and starting TI control in the DAW, I suddenly got massive latency problems playing Kontakt instruments. After deactivating the TI plugin everything went back to normal.

    So I downloaded DPC latency checker (a very handy tool for this kind of problems) and immediately got a warning that "some device drivers on this machine behave bad and wil ptrobably cause dropouts ..." etc.
    My first suspicion were the wireless network adapters, but deactivating them didn't change much.

    BUT: deactivating the Access Virus Audi driver 2.8.45 hat the critical latency values immediately drop from ~2500ms down to ~600ms (and that means back to normal).

    Timo, Marc, I guess this should urgently be checked.
    As it is, I can't use the present TI system as plugin in recording with that brand new 64bit notebook, only via midi/standalone audio.
    Something is definitely going wrong there!

    The new choruses sound just gorgeous!!!
    Together with the new Anakey mods they give a lot of addioninal analog feel to many patches!

    Concerning some minor issues: these all have been mentioned above, as far as I checked so far.

    Thanks a lot!
    I have been looking forward to that very much!! :thumbup:

    Nothing of that is my concern.

    We had a preview on January 10.
    Now it's more than 2 months later and all getting a bit prosaic. That's all.
    No big claims neither way included.

    But you are right that the bug concerns always interfere with the general update specs.

    Ok, let's face it.

    Frankly, I had really hoped to download and use the OS update, presented at NAMM, sometime between Namm and Frankfurt Musikmesse, or at least get a hint what to expect roughly when.
    Now it seems that this has been nothing but wishful thinking from my side.

    We are 3 weeks before Frankfurt meanwhile, and it looks to me as if Access will deliver the update close to Musikmesse, perhaps to gain public attention for the same thing twice at a prominent place:
    - announcing it at NAMM
    - delevering it at Musikmesse (or close to it)
    But sometimes a too long delay between announcement and delivery takes most of the fun and excitement away.

    I for one am completely off of curious "Santa Claus mode" after many weeks, and back to prosaic everyday business reality mode. Probably a wise switch anytime... 8)

    Access owes us nothing, and this update is nothing urgent.

    Anyway, it would just be nice to get a short official feedback, after the orginally planned rough date is over, and it's been quite a while since the NAMM announcement.

    Roby, forums by nature mirror complaints of users facing problems in an overproportional way.

    In general, I hardly know any userbase which has as much respect and appreciation (and for good reason) as the Access Virus user base.
    They have been going through easy and hard times (the TI and its integration were VERY buggy at the start of TI times) with the Access team, because they recognize the excellent customer support and update work from this team. And the Access team is very aware of this user base appreciation, be sure about that.

    So no need at all to get excited and dramatize completely harmless update questions.
    It's WAAAY over the top to react like that, or even say crazy things like "that it makes me ask myself questions about the human being".
    Completely out of proportion!

    Now could we all please come back down again and make some harmless jokes about a nice update we are looking forward to? :rolleyes: