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    Hello Virus-TI Experts!

    i hope you guys can help me. I've got a Virus TI Polar and a Sony VAIO Laptop with Windows Vista. I can remember that I've already installed the drivers successfully. However, after some days were I didn't use the Virus TI I've wanted to play with it using my Laptop. I've connected the Virus TI and it was recognized as a new device.

    However, I've started the setup for the TI but it was not installed successfully. It ends up with the "Rolling back action" and the message "Virus TI Software Suite ended prematurely because of an error ...". Before the error pops up there was no update of the Virus TI firmware. But I don't know why!

    What I've done so far:

    - removed all drivers using the setup, also directory in C:/Program Files/Access Music
    - tried to install older versions of the TI e.g. 3.3.x.x
    - used registry cleaner and install stuff again
    - removed all other periphal devices, also the TI and plugged it when I was asked by the installer to plug it in
    - also tried to don't plug in the synth even when installer asks me to plug it in

    - searched different forums, but didn't find any answer solving my problem :(

    Hope somebody as a hint for me!

    Access Virus TI Polar
    Windows Vista 32 Bit

    Thanks in advance

    Hello Ace17 :)

    Thank you for your constructive criticism! =) As it seems you are aware what I'm trying to tell. And yes, if it reminds you of Project Pitchfork than the goal is reached ;)

    "The lack of yourself" was my last song, which is the cause, why it sounds more melodic. The project has to grow from song to song =)

    I'll try to realize some of your criticism in my next song!

    I'm not sure why the other people are laughing, but as it seems, they have a different understanding of electro-industrial and especially the style dark-electro.

    Maybe it's a good idea to get an answer from >ray< to this question


    Quoted from "ray"
    I don't know how the music scene is over there in Europe but in Australia "Electro" is completely different to what your saying and Dark is no way near what you meaning either.


    According to you, what should "Dark Electro sound" like ? Could you give us some examples?

    I don't have to shoot music journalists as they've already wrote in music magazines (also printed and huge ones) about this project. They've named it also dark-electro. Don't know were the problems is o_O But anyway - I think people listening to this kind of music very much know what they have to expect from this project or the music style term "dark-electro" - especially here in the middle of europe ;)

    Can you explain what dark-electro has to do with dark gothic? I explained what dark-electro is! Between Sisters of Mercy music style and real dark-electro are a billion times of differences. Check those band like Blutengel, Project Pitchfork, very old Apoptygma Berzerk songs a.s.o. on youtube out and you can see that dark-electro is very common music style in europe, especially in germany, also with those kind kind of distorted vocals.

    Piss yourself off and learn to read!


    BTW: I saw Sisters of Mercy live - yesterday - in Hildesheim, Germany. A few months before in munich they've played full playback (also e-guitars). Yeah! That's soooo cool!


    I was wondering that so many people say "You can use an Access Virus TI only for making trance and techno", I just want to introduce my dark-electro music project "Schwarzes Fragment" to show, that it can also be used for different other styles than this.

    For making this kind of EBM, dark-electro, darkwave, gothic music I'm using two Access Virus TI. A Keyboard and a polar. As sequencer software I'm using Steinbergs Cubase. For natural sounding strings and pianos I'm using Propellerheads Reason with some special refills.

    Please be aware that this kind of music style is undground gothic music between EBM, dark-electro or whatever and is not everbodys darling