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    anyone had that issue ?? It looks like a "lcd refresh" problem. Access Support told me that I should try to use different USB cable and/or different POWER supply but i don't think that this is a cause of my TI troubles. Every other functions of my TI works perfectly, so it can't be a USB and/or POWER problem.

    similar problem with onboard screen in VIRUS TI SNOW. Some about 2-3 months after update to new OS some fonts of the 'patch name' line are distorted. Changing patches (via VC or hardware) solve the problem but sometimes I need to reboot the SNOW to take a effect.

    My SNOW is 1 year old and the problem never occurs on the earlier os software. So I think it is a software issue, not hardware. Everything else works perfectly.

    Yeah, I had latency problem in FL Studio too, that's why I've upgraded my host to the Cubase 5 Essential (grrrrrrr..... why Cubase is not so simply like FL) and now i am working in PRO TOOLS LE (awesome software !!! And RTAS plugin works fine in the new OS software release).

    Consider upgrading the host !! You can always put your FL sessions as ReWire into Cubase and/or into ProTools !

    Hi, I am not a sound designer but I am really impressed about Your music - especially track 'Addicted to the Hus' - wow! I am listening this track all the time !! Somethink awesome !!! Can not stop to listening !!! '. Are You using VIRUS TI in all synthesis parts of the track ? What of software are You using ? (ps. sorry for my english, just started to learn...)

    Thanx for advices !!! Now, my Snow works perfectly in Cubase...

    by the way, I've upgrade my M-Audio system to the Mbox2 and now i am working on PRO TOOLS 8 LE ;) great stuff !!! And in nev version of software, RTAS plugn works perfectly !!

    Did You find 'the sound' of the pluck ? I am really new on the sound programming, but I really want to have a preset of that pluck sound ;) Can YOU send me a proper *.mid file ? please....

    When You planning to release a 32-bit RTAS driver inside 64-bit OS 4 TI driver ?

    I have VIRUS TI Snow, Windows 7 64-bit OS and completely no support under (32-bit !!!) Pro Tools LE. The RTAS driver is not included in 64-bit release, why? If You can add 32-bit VST plugin into 64-bit driver package, why don't You give us 32-bit RTAS driver also? PT is 32-bit and it allways will be 32-bit (due to Digidesing site).

    Do anyone tried to run VIRUTS TI VST control under fxpansion RTAS do VST adapter in PT ?

    sorry for my english...

    Digidesign is planing to release 64-bit version of Pro Tools LE in future... currently 8.0.3cs2 is running in 32-bit mode (on 64-bit system). If PT is running in 32-bit mode, why 32-bit RTAS VC plugin is not attached to the 64-bit driver? (like 32-bit VST plugin). Currently if someone have 64-bit Win7 OS there is no way to operate on VC inside PT.

    Is there any other way to obtain 32-bit RTAS VC plugin for my Virus TI Snow ?

    Hello everyone, First of All - sorry for my english... ;)

    Well, I always using FL Studio, recentrly upgraded to Version 9 Produced Edition and my Virus TI Snow worked perfectly...

    Now, I've just bought Cubase 5 Essential and I have problem with Virus TI Snow proper configuration. I don't really know how to configure Cubase Essential to work with my Virus. TI Snow is connected via USB cable and run under Virus TI VSTi Control.

    I don't know how to configure MIDI preferences to use all 4 parts of my Virus. I hope someone help me in configuration. I really want to play in Cubase rather than FL Studio, but now... i can only play 1 part. 3 other are unavailable for me.

    Thanks for Your support !!