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    bem, funciona, mas não „resolve“ o „problema de sincronização no arp“. ainda uma barra necessária para preparar o vírus para sincronização sob „demanda“. Coisa estranha: estou testando isso em circunstâncias catalinas em que o plug do vírus é inútil. no ambiente mojave, não tenho problemas de sincronização usando o plug de acesso ...

    same problem here! :S

    my hold virus was the same, it was the motherboard! needed a new one! kind 700$ to repair! i bought TI 2 after that, because the other onde was already third hand and played lots of lives! but now im stuck again but with updates lol

    unfortunately my virus does not work on mac big sur, i contacted the customer service, and the answers are very bad, and leave the impression that they do not care from their customers ...this situation is unfair to the customers who bought the product of them,I really want to try something through laws, because it is impossible not to give assistance to customers once the company still running!aarrrgh I know it is almost impossible but its what they deserve, but in the country where I live (Switzerland), I think something can be done, if we are many to complain with letters written as it should be, I believe it can have some impact, at least i hope.if someone can tell me how I can make my synth work without synchronization problems etc, ill thank you a lot!
    thanks in advance!