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    Hello all,

    I am making a few series of audio samples with the patches I have made over the years with my Virus TI MK 1 61 key. If you are a programmer or jus like synth sounds then check it out. Such a versatile instrument!

    Here is the first edition: My Virus TI Patches RC

    All patches are made and programmed by me.

    I have had my Virus TI MK1 61 Key since 2007 and have never had anything like this happen before. Been on loads of different operating systems also.Currently on OS 5.2.0. I have had experience however with old synthesizers(Korg mono/poly,Prophet 600)doing this. The paper under the key would come off and hit the key contact randomly causing it to hit a note even when not pressed. The virus uses a different method for its keybed I am sure though. Jus thought I would say this. Hope you guys figure it out.

    This would be wonderful. I would love to have control over the internal routing. Unfortunately,this will not happen without a whole new operating system.I am guessing of course.

    Wanted to save thank you for this wonderful update(OS 5). Allot of what I wanted is in this update.I have always wanted a fade in on lfo 1/2 .I can now do that with the new envelopes. I can now assign the new envelopes to filter or amp env for more complex envelopes. Amazing job you guys did. I have not used the new update extensively. But I have had no problems yet with the integration or stand alone hardware.Thanks a million. :D

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    I have had problems with my Mk1 keyboard for a couple years with the intergration.I got a dedicated usb pci card for the virus a few months ago and all the problems went away.The virus does go crazy when the polyphony starts running out.I bounce the sound pretty much immediately then mute the track in vc.Whenever I need to rework on it it is there.A good thing to do is look at your motherboards diagram.You will see which usb ports are shared(most of the time).

    then if people prefer to download FruityLoops 10 and Nexus 2 for the total price of: 0,00 €
    don't be surprised.

    there is no professionalism in this, from both apple and access.

    This is confusing to me.When did FL studio and Nexus become free?I am not a fan of Apple but they are quite professional . AccessMusic is also a very professional company.

    A boost of virus is fun

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    enjoy some classic virus ti

    all patches programmed by me.If you like the sound and want to use it.Let me know I will send you the patches.

    The lcd mite need to be replaced. I don't think there is anything else you can do.I would ask access about it. I have the mk1 model also. I got it in 2007 though. Mine is very bright and easy to read. I am interested in finding out this info. So if you find out anything please lemme know. Hope everything works out for ya.

    Hi all,

    I am starting this thread for people interested or already having a virus TI.I want to know you virus owners experiences with setup configuration.Think of it as this.Most Motherboard sites have ram compalibility and what not.Lets see what your setup is like and how it is doing with the virus TI.I have had 3 different setups.I am only going to say what is going good for me at this time.This is good I think so people can come to this thread and see what kind of compalibility issues they mite come across when buying the virus TI or building a new computer.Of course none of this is gaurentee but it is good to foresee the problems.

    I have:

    1xIntel DP55WG media board(owned for 9 months)
    2xCorsair DDr3 1333 2gig ram
    2xADAT DDR3 13333 4gig ram
    1xPNY 9800 Geforce 9800 GT
    1xIntel i7 860 CPU
    1xSteinberg/Yam MR816 X Audio interface
    1xCubase 5
    1x Virus Ti MK1
    ***Fans/HDD/PSU does not matter for this

    My system has not been stable since purchasing the Virus in 2006.Now when I say unstable.I am talking about VCC/VC.The virus in hardware works but does have problems(going out of tune for a second..).My virus works for 1-3 months.Out of nowhere my VC/VCC will only have a strange click on any sound,no audible sound besides that click.VC does not load also.I have tried uninstalling and deleting everything related to the virus.I cannot reinstall.It renders my virus useless through USB.

    I have to reformat my main OS hdd to reinstall.I looked at my motherboards manual's diaphram to see what went where and saw that my usb is shared but my pci is not shared with my usb.So I bought a usb card recently and it is doing fine so far(1 week).I hope it remains stable.Besides the realtime export where the virus can go completly insane and sound like a broken synth that has a mind of its own(sometimes its cool).I will keep updating on my setup and I hope others will post there problems and setup so others can figure things out.

    *I have tried every single Virus OS to come out.I am currently on the newest.

    Are these other synths Viruses? I can set up identical settings on different synths & they sound way different.

    Not other viruses.Korg mono/poly(hardware) and Minimoog model d.I have made up for the loss db with the mid eq on the bass patch.Though I still wish the amp volume went from 100-180 instead of 100-127..Thank you all for your input.

    You have 3 areas to increase the volume in the virus..

    the amplifier patch volume, the part volume, and the osc volume.

    Between those 3 you should be able to get your level where it needs to be. If you need more than that just do it in your DAW.

    Osc volume does not raise the volume past +0.+0-+61 is just for filter saturation.As for Part volume.This setting does not get saved to each patch.I want people listening to my patches to not have to adjust volume.

    I'd suggest re-analysing your patch to see if you went wrong somewhere. Patches that are too quiet are usually the cause of filtering out most of the frequencies where your basic waveform is sonically present. E.g. making a bass out of a wavetable waveform that is mostly present in the mid-treble range. In this case I'd suggest trying out more waveforms.
    (Also: If you used only one oscillator make the other one copy it. Try adding resonance to your filters. Why not EQ a little bit towards the bass?)

    I will check it out but these same settings sound fine on other synths.