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    C'mon, you cant release a teaser like that and then leave it another 6 months to release the update.... The new filters look cool but there's hardly that much code involved. And the new envelopes are very welcome but again I cant believe that there is a huge codebase to debug there either. C'mon whinge whinge whinge whinge whinge whinge whinge whinge

    This might be asking alot depending on the virus software architecture but it would really reaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllly make it the best thing ever if there was a modular mode on the virus. I would have kittens I would be so happy. The kittens in question would then all buy a ti snow too, as would their kittens. Give that a cat can reproduce much faster than a human and also will have a much larger average litter, I think that this alone would provide the expansion in market sector required for the development of modular mode seem like the only sane thing to do from an economic standpoint. Consider further that the market would be limited only the number of TI's in the environment, as production would now multiply the demand factor per unit sold by 4ish roundabouts. Dare I say it, the advent of modular mode would see in an new era of animal evolution on this planet which would fuel accelerating expansion and consequent transformation of the planets resources until everything is consumed. At that point we and our feline offspring would probably start questioning the merits of abandoning space propulsion research in favor of synth production, though this would likely be in the far far future and the names of those who were directly to blame for this horrible derailment of societal evolution would be long forgotten or spoken as the name of a god.

    You see! Modular mode could be the biggest thing ever to happen on this planet.

    You must decide the fate of humanity!

    You must develop modular mode.