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    This is not quite a solution but I found that when we wait for some hours, the problem dissapears itself.

    I know nothing about electricity but it's a bit like if there were some condensers that need to be emptied.
    When that problem happened, I let my TI2 on by chance for a night and everything was back to normal the day after ???

    Problem occured several times (until I noticed that my shoes were involved :-))) so if you plan to play on this keyboard, just buy the whole set of PC technician (antistatic pad, wire to the ground, etc...). Nice look on stage !

    This situation is not extraordinary when you open your TI2 and look at the power supply. It's just a sort of phone power supply put like this on the chassis with some sort of glue. Pure shame for an instrument of this price ! Of course, no ground but that you can guess when you see the power cord !


    I don't know if it has something to do with it but I accidently put some static electricity on my TI2 keyboard. Shortly after I heard some "white noise"
    I switched it off, started it again but now it's blocked on the Welcome screen ?(
    I tried the arp edit fix without success -> the 3 leds are well blinking but after that still blocked on the welcome screen.
    I also tried the ESC trick. The TI2 puts itself on usb mode but then it's not recognized anymore by the software Control Center

    I read somewhere that battery could be involved. I'd like to try to replace it but I find nothing to help me open the beast safely (videos, forum, etc...)

    I'm running on

    Anyone there to help me ?

    Thanks a lot



    Since some months now all the knobs of my TI2 keyboard are behaving strangely:
    If I want to change a value I have to turn the knob completly counter clockwise (and sometimes clockwise again !) before it reacts ???
    Example: i'm on value 64 and want to put it to 70, I first have to go to 0 and then back to 70, otherwise no change is applied
    Did someone encounter the same problem ?
    Where can it come from :?:
    Thanks a lot