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    As Access doesn't give much support for last couple of years and they are still selling their products, perhaps we should just ask all the resellers to ask Access to develop proper drivers for their synts. I would think they should stop selling the synths if they're is unable to provide working products. We are not satisfied and why would new users be.

    For that reason, I bought the last working iMac – 2019 version though I love my M1 machine way more. Still that 2019 iMac can run Virus, Analog Rytm and usb audio interface with more than 20 inputs just fine + have an external firewire DSP unit also still working. That was my option that has to stay for quite some time. Thought of getting an older mac too, but then some other newer hardware wouldn't work. iMac is loud sometimes, that's the main problem.

    I have Virus TI Snow and quite often the patches start clipping. It can be avoided if part volume is set lower. But it's extremely frustrating. Things get clipping very easily, especially when in multi mode and running different patches on different midi channels. The sound isn't even loud from the output, its all internal.
    Is there any cure for that?


    I found one solution to the problem - an app called AppPolice. It is discontinued but it's still available to download at some websites. With it I limited the maximum CPU usage allowed for MIDIServer.
    It's also possible to drill holes under the macbook pro, so that it would suck in more air. Best option would probably be both of those together.

    Virus as an audio interface is fine. Atomizer is fine too if you use Virus as a VST or Audio Unit and then route audio into it from some bus. I guess Traktor doesn't allow virtual instruments in it, because it's not a DAW. Which means that if you want to use Atomizer fx for Traktor you have to use some other audio interface or somehow route traktor into some DAW and have Virus software instrument there - to which you have to route incoming audio from Traktor.

    Recently i'm also try use my Virus Snow with new macbook air 2014 with fresh os x 10.10 installed. And this problem also here: MidiServer overload, 'Active Sense' messages fall in midi. kernel_task process also grow up to 45%.
    I have tried to remove only midi driver from /Library/Audio/MIDI Drivers/Virus TI MIDI Driver.plugin : in this case Virus Snow worked only like as sound card, without midi. In this point i'm tested Virus as soundcard mode: no problem with midiserver and kernel_task processes, all work fine. I believe, the problem with MidiServer overloading is a Midi part problem, may be in driver or firmware Virus, may be in apple parts, but with other midi devices i'm not watch this problem and the fact of that i'm not alone have this issue, give me point to think this is problem more globally that support can think.

    Thanks for advice, but it didn't solve this "active sense" data from my midi activity. So that MIDIServer still takes ~20% CPU and fans are running loud. I just counted how many active sense messages is being sent per second - it's 2127 times!

    EDIT: After a restart the plugin didn't open anymore. So deleting Virus MIDI driver isn't a solution.

    So you're telling that you have Virus TI Snow-s and plugging it to MacBooks won't affect MidiServer CPU usage up to around 18~20%? I have tried my Virus with several macs and it behaves the same way.
    My Virus Snow Has firmware 2.08. Maybe yours has different. Maybe not all Virus Snow's are equal from the inside and I and some other folks have faulty PCB-s or something.

    Well, it all doesn't make any sense. Soft Thru doesn't change anything and when the Audio Unit is active then that section from Virus settings disappears. If it has got to do something with MIDI data, then if Virus is not being used as a midi interface, then why not remove that option - if this is generating this CPU usage. If you pay 1000 eur for a synth that is supposed to be the greatest synth in the universe and it has issues with drivers (only in OS X and not in Windows) and you are kind of blaming users for checking CPU usage and don't understand that loud fans on the computer generate noise which then disturbs making music then who is here to blame? Why can't you get it fixed?!?

    let me just state that neither the driver nor virus control sends Active Send events. the snow features an option to pass MIDI events from the IN to the OUT (because it does not have a THRU). if you have this switch enabled, you are probably dealing with a MIDI loop. but again, the Active Sense events (FE) do not come from the Virus.

    Where is it possible to change this "OPTION" ?

    unless apple fixes something we will have to go this way. nevertheless, we'll verify if apple has fixed the _something_ in 10.10 or 10.11. if so, we can use their function again and the "load" (which is not load but frequent calls) will be gone. let not make something a problem just because we want to believe that it is one.

    Thanks for mentioning. Can you please tell in which version of OS X that problem didn't happen? Perhaps I could downgrade my system.

    we've upload version which hopefully fixes the MIDI server related issue reported by some of you. The new build can be found within the public beta section of our download page. I'd be interested to learn how this version works for you.
    best, marc

    Hopefully you have in plan to drastically reduce it's MIDIServer CPU consumption!
    How come in Windows it works fine, but in OS X it doesn't!