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    I got my virus ti five years ago, when i bought it, it was a incredible synth, since then they gave us more wavetables, additional oscilator modes, more efects algorithms, more modulation posibilities. Simply there isn't any synth company in the world who makes this and for free. I can undersand the wish to see the new OS as soon as posible, but critisize access for a delay in the release (as Marc says, for correcting bugs and release a more stable OS) is something I can not undersand. As we say in our country "es de bien nacido ser agradecido" (translation: "it is of noble birth to be thankful", well, more or less), so Thanks access for improving such incredible synth even more, and keep on doing this way.

    You have to change the keyboard mode (it is in the edit config menu, just push the config button and search it navigating thru this menu) from the default Multi channel to one channel, then in the MIDI menu (it is in the same config menu) change the midi channel that you want to use for the keyboard and well, that's it. Hope i help you

    Thanks and Thanks again for all the updates for the virus ti. I can´t wait to see the os5 with all that envelopes and new filters.
    A question i would like to make to Marc is, ¿Are you planning at access to make the arpeggiator user patter editable without the virus control?, it would be a very nice property. Anyway, again Thanks for the incredibles updates.

    Yes, a step sequenzer would be great, but if it can not be made i would like to program user's pattern arpeggios with the front pannel (without the use of virus control)

    what about user wavetables? with an edit mode in VC utility (not the vst) of course and the posibility to use additive synthesis and convert samples to wt in that editor, i think it could be a very nice feature :D