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    Today, I wanted to modulate the vowel filter with the random source. I started from the « init » preset and just added the filter, then the random modulation in the matrix. I must precise that I did that thru the Virus TI vst plugin.

    Soon, I noticed that the modulation was evolving on a longer note ! But the random source is supposed to work like a random « sample & hold » value given on each new note and not changing its value untill the next note. Strange...

    I wanted to understand... And by changing the LFO 3 rate, I was able to be sure that it wasn't the random that was the modulation source but the LFO 3 ! =O

    Then, I changed ONLY the modulation destination from filter bank freq (which in this case was the vowel parameter) into filter 1 cutoff. And suddenly, as didn't touch the source : always 'random' from the beginning, the modulation behaved normally as a random source is suppose to !?(:huh:

    And as soon as I put back the filter bank freq destination, the LFO 3 was in reality modulating the parameter with 'random' remaining display in the matrix. :!:"

    So, I had the idea to add filter 1 cutoff destination in the same matrix slot... The filter cutoff continued to be modulated by the random source and the filter bank freq was modulating by the LFO 3 !! 8| :wacko:

    I really think it's time for a real deep, clean, serious and spectacular update of the Virus TI !! :|

    Did I miss something and all this is quite normal ? Can you make the same test ? Maybe by trying without the vst plugin, those issues don't appear (I didn't try : no time to set all up for working on direct midi) ?

    Thanks for any info or help !

    Yes ! Thank you, oliAtBass !! That's the info I needed ! Indeed, by setting the LFO to mono, it behaves as I wished !

    I didn't even tried the mono button... I was sure it was a simple bad setting I couldn't find. Anyway... Thanks again !

    Have good time ! :)

    The LFO wave is sine and of course before to create this thread, I double checked any paramater the LFO could modulate in any way. Please !

    Have a try on the simple init preset. I'd like to know if it behaves the same for anyone but me !


    Today, I discovered a strange Virus TI desktop. Just launch the init preset. Play a chord. Here, if I modulate the low pass filter with an LFO, I hear the 3 notes of the chord one after the other, like if when the LFO is on its down phase, I hear the lower note, in its middle phase, the note in the middle and higher phase, the higher note !

    But when I just turn the filter knob, it behaves as a low pass filter is supposed to work.

    Really weird !

    By modulating the filter with an envelope, the sound is normal.

    Is there somebody who could try to reproduce that ? A completly diffenrent result when modulating a filter with an LFO and just by turning the filter knob ?

    How can I normally modulate the filter with an LFO ?

    Hi !

    I'm a bit desapointed by my Virus TI I've got since 1.5 month. It's a fantastic synth, no problemo ! But I'm fed up with some cracking noise when using it with its vst control. I tried with the Virus HC editor but it doesn't recall presets correctly and I loose the 3 stereo USB outputs. But by using the Virus only via midi = no glitch crack sounds... ;(

    The other really annoying issue with the Virus controler is the huge difference of timing between a sound outputing thru USB and the other thru one of its anazlog output !! Up to 50 ms ! And the really bad thing is that this timing shift in sound is never the same ! It goes from 25ms, up to 50 ms with 512 buffer size ! So outputing percussive sound thru analog outputs is never in time ! X(
    If at least the timing shift would always be the same, I could handle with that.

    In fact, I'm totally amazed that my virus TI desktop + its Virus control doesn't work as well as my powercore Virus ! =O=O8|:wacko:

    Another workaround would be to still use the Virus control AND having the possibility to set particular part to the synth midi input. But apparently, when the virus control is launched in the daw, there is no way to control the synth in other mode than 'seq mode'.

    Am I wrong ? I wish there is a workaround !! Thanks a lot for any info ! :)

    Help !!

    I'm pulling my hairs and I'd like to keep some !

    1° I must say that I could seem to hate my new synth since I'm just speaking about issues... But that's an illusion ! I come here to ask for infos only when I don't know how to do ! I'm very happy with my new TI2 purchase !!

    My problem : I made a nice multi in non seq mode (without the vst editor). Now, I'd like to use it in vst editor mode. How can I recall it ??? There is no "load multi" in the vst editor !!
    I want to keep the n° 5 sound of my multi and load it in the vst editor but I don't find how to save a single patch of my multi, when I press store in multi midi mode, it saves only the multi which I can't recall in the vst editor ! I'm getting crazy ! :huh::huh:
    I dumped the n°5 multi sound in sysex but when on vst editor, it doesn't load it ! ;(

    How can I DO ?? ?(?(

    What am I doing wrong ?

    Thanks for this info !

    Now, I've got another problem : how to recall a multi when in vst viruscontrol mode (seq mode) ??

    Ooops ! I was wrong ! The LFO1 rate is not the same parameter than its clock in sync mode. And it's a poly pressure that control it. Exactly like in the powercore virus ! :D
    Excellent !

    Thank you, Spryx ! Really useful ! 8o I was astonished to not be able to midi control the LFO1 (CC 67) rate when it's in clock sync mode ! In the powercore virus, it's possible. With the TI, only automation worked ! I'm not an automation aficionados...
    Do you know where those sysex strings come from ? I don't find the LFO rates in clock sync mode in the list. I'm sure it exists, though. There must be a much longer list somewhere... Don't know why access virus doesn't release those info.

    CV or audio signal amplitude value are close things !
    Thanks to my Scope system, I can send -∞ up to 0 db audio signal to the virus input. I tried with a DC signal --> bad, then with a normal audio signal --> same bad !
    As soon as there is signal at the input, the virus sound becomes awful ! Even if the input follower doesn't modulate any parameter yet ! ?(8| It's a pity !

    But maybe I'm doing something wrong... If any people here achived to use the input follower, please, tell me how ! :)

    10/20 years ?? But we all be dead ! If it's not planet X, it will be the climate or earthquake and tsunami ! Terrorism is a good candidate too. Unless an asteroid in our face if the sun has enough ressources to keep us alive untill that. With what industry gives us to eat, we will be lucky to see 2025 ! Don't forget that new virus (not the synth you'll have to repair !) appear everyday. And I'm not speaking about the chemtrail very naughty rich hidden small group of people send in the sky and the end of biodiversity God builded for us. :saint::D

    In 10/20 years, you'll be happy to still have your virus synth : you can make some food of it and stay alive a bit longer... :rolleyes::rolleyes:

    Sorry, mate ! I couldn't resist ! But your question is not that stupid. I guess access virus sales a lot of units and I bet in 10/20 years, you'll find plenty of them available to buy in secondhand. But you'll desire to have the future access virus synth that will be amazingly more powerful than the ti2 !

    Hi ! I ring back thi thread to life because after a lot of try, research on internet, I find and experiment only the same : impossible to modulate anything with the inout follower. I get only a completly awful distorted sound as soon as I try it. ?(
    And I've found people trying it since the feature exists on virus synth ! :S

    Is there any secret to know to use it correctly ?

    Many thanks for any info !

    :rolleyes: Finally, after some try in multi mode thru midi for trying to see what midi cc it would output by moving the knob on the synth, it didn't output nothing ! It certainly means that the only way to control the unison pan spread parameter is in the matrix.
    I think is a bit a pity : apparently, the midi cc99 and all the others controling the unison parameters are not longer in use and become useless.

    But this synth is really amazing ! Ah ! The same one with CV inputs !

    I tried to send it some CV in its analog inputs and the envelope follower, I had very bad results in the sound ! <X

    !! For waiting for someone help, I had the idea to do that with automation ! So I turned on the 'write' automation button of the track, moved the knob and ..... Nada, niente, 何も, macache, nothing, rien, لا شيء, nichts, कुछ नहीं, walou, τίποτα, que dalle, 没什么, peau d'zob, 무 !!

    It doesn't want to record the knob movement in automation ??

    Then I tried to fing the right parameter for 'unison pan spread' and there is NO such parameter !!! =O=O=O

    So ! How could I achieve that simple thing : controling unison pan spread from my daw ?? I thought access music offers a "total integration" ??

    After long research about the secret virus TI midi cc configuration (don't know why access music doesn't add the chart to the manual !), I've found it and noticed it's the same as with the powercore virus ! :cursing:

    Anyway... I want to control the unison pan spread with the cc 99 but... Nothing ! The value refuse to change ! Yet, it works with other cc like 40, 60 and so on. Where did I miss something ?? :huh:
    I don't see any reason it doesn't work !
    I precise I'm using the vst plugin to control the virus. I tried to send it midi cc via its midi input but it doesn't seem to work when using the vst plugin.

    I guess I need H E L P !

    Well... I think I gonna use mainly the analog outputs. I don't have any latency in that way. I'll use low asio latency when I'll upgrade my computer !

    Thanks a lot for your help !

    I'm using my beloved Scope in a Xite-1. Buffer are on 24ms... So 44100*24/1000=1058... Yes ! Double than 512 !
    But when my projects become heavy, 24ms latency (the max) allow a nice flow...

    Anyway. It says it's a problem but it plays without !

    It seems I've found where it came from... (Finger cross !)
    There was a sourround output in the utility section. I'm not sure it was the cause but for now, I don't hear any snap when a note starts.

    Edit : it happens less often but it remains here.

    But I still would like to know how to avoid the virus to cut sounds when stoping playback the daw ! :D

    New with my TI2 but not wit older virus, I'm working with pad sounds with long attac time.

    I noticed that I can hear a little snap sound when a note begins. ;( I shouldn't here nothing ! The virus synth receives its midi notes via usb. Any advice ?

    I noticed also that when I stop my daw, all sounds stop in the virus ! Even if there is a delay with long feedback ! It's surprising ! =O Does it cut any sound when the daw stops playing ? Can one avoid that ?
    The little snap sound occurs either via usb or analog outputs.

    Many thanks for help !