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    I'm sure that the VirusTI used to show up as an icon in AMS.

    I hadn't looked for a year or so but in High Sierra it seems to have disappeared - even if I press 'scan devices' button.

    I'd like to use it to input Midi, and it seems to be working ok in Live - as the midi icons show activity without having to load an instrument?

    But why then isn't it found in AMS?

    Thanks, Domc

    Maybe this is helpful for the software engineers.

    Macbook. 3.06Ghz Core 2 Duo (4GB DDR3) OS X Lion 10.7.1
    Virus TI Keyboard (1st gen) (used as audio and midi interface)
    Live 8.2.6 (i.e. latest software)
    M3M (no keyboard) 2.0.4 - latest software and hardware upgrades

    I usually use Virus as my midi input - and as the soundcard.
    I often load the M3 software for trad sounds such as pianos which I can then play with the virus keyboard.

    Noticed lots of glitches, small pops etc with minimal system load (e.g. no clips loaded - just m3 software as the only midi instrument - 5% CPU usage in corner) just playing piano or clav via keyboard.
    This is before the virus software is launched from live and the system is just being used as a soundcard.

    Interestingly when the virus software is loaded as a midi instrument in a new track, the artifacts stop/are massively reduced.

    If I then delete the midi track with virus control back in it, then the artifacts restart.
    Obviously I can work around this by always including a virus control in a session, although I don't think this is how you intend it to work; I've had no problem using it just as a soundcard for a long time.

    Cheers, Domc