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    Cheers for the info , so high end wise , what else could one suggest ? I’m up for saving up for several months ya know :)

    Fireface 802.

    Virus converters are quite nice and there is a noticeable difference using an interface. Personally I got for transparency / accuracy which RME are great for. They're rock solid so I'd seriously recommend picking up a second hand unit, I see them sell from £650-900 used (£800 a lot of the time).

    Until there's an official statement by Access Music, we're not talking about the truth but rumours (or "mysteries").

    The background info for some of the main theses of the above video can be found in this article:
    The Future (?) of Access Virus

    Highly recommended reading, if you prefer to do draw your own conclusions instead of following a synth community "influencer".

    Synth community influencer xD. You sound crazy and paranoid :p (English is not your first language so you're probably not aware of how it sounds).

    The statement from Access would literally mean "we are currently working on the Ti successor" if it were from any other large company, afaik Access is a relatively small outfit.

    That article was an interested read, thanks. The 56k being EOL'd really isn't an issue, you can do so much more with an FPGA (and that's somewhat of an understatement) and porting code really isn't that hard.

    I doubt very much there will be a Ti3, the next Virus will be something new entirely.

    With the use of an FPGA they could make anything, the Virus could be broken into modules and they could add; multi-op FM synthesis and formant sequencing (like the FS1r), additive synthesis (Razor or Harmless), improved wavetables synthesis (Serum / Zebra), sampling capabilities (everyone who uses a hardware sampler is crying out for a modern retake), and they can include an optional CV board for integration in to modular - people will happily pay £5k for something like that and features can be stripped back all the way down to something like the Snow.

    Lots :p
    Like for like:
    Better clock, higher quality converters, better preamp, and, better drivers / support.

    RME was mentioned and they really are one of the best; excellent (not super high end, maybe not even high end) converters, great pre's, amazing drivers / support (rock solid and extremely old hardware is still supported).

    Translation: "We're currently working on the Ti's successor but don't want to effect sales of current stock"

    At least that's what it would normally mean (Google "Osborne Effect").

    I think it will have sampling and Eurorack "support" (something like the Assimil8or, lots of CV support)

    Access answered my question and the answer was yes, it is safe to route audio to and from the same device and the Virus. The answer was specific to my hypothetical setup which does not have any kind of feedback loop - the outputs would be processed by external hardware which in turn would be processed by the Virus effects on a seperate "part".

    So if like me you want to use the Virus to add additional digital oscillators to an analogue synth and then process the analogue synth with the Virus Ti's effects at the same time you are safe to do so :)

    Quote from Access

    You definitely can do this with the Multimode of the Virus TI2. In Multimode you can set the analog output for each PART, so you can e.g. send PART 2 to the OUT 2 L+R of the Virus TI, connect this with an external synth and connect the external synth back to the Virus TI where you would use another PART in Multimode for an input program with the INPUT MODE set to "static" and this PART routed to OUT 1 L+R of the Virus TI.

    With best regards,
    Access Music Support

    Is it safe to send the Virus out into hardware and then back from that hardware into the Virus? I will be using different IO and it will look something like this:

    Virus Output 3/4 > Analogue Synth > Virus Input > Virus Output 1/2