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    Hi All,

    I did some searches but nothing turned up, has anyone seen any documentation on the value that the TI has programmed for the frequency of the LFOs at the various MIDI 1-127 values?

    If you have, and would be so kind as to share your findings I would be grateful.



    And just like that, after 6 months of Virus (as I use it exclusively VC) downtime, after updating to the latest 5.1.3 there is no USB/Root hub prompt and my patch syning TI seems to be back online. Thank you Access, I had almost given up.


    I spoke too soon, chunky/delayed MIDI notes over USB and no audio coming through the VC.

    I'm done with this. Goodbye Access.

    It DOES! I am migrating from PC back to Mac after many years and running into this. I just had the conflict totally negate any input device on my computer. I finally just unplugged the TI so I could get back to work but not before a stop to ebay. Thanks for the tip!


    Well I think it's really bizarre that someone would spend so much money on a lovely synthesizer and be content to complain about it not working whilst not investing any time in actually making it work properly with a little careful research...

    Please... I beg of you..... teach me..... What research can I do? Are you talking down to micro controller architecture of the USB system on the TI vs the one in my computer? I mean, beyond that I don't know where or what I would begin to look for.

    Hi All

    Atony - I guess I'm just bewildered. I don't know what I can do as my system is stripped of non-necessary functions and minimalized power management.

    If you could lend any advice I would be so grateful to you.

    On the FAQ when they say the MIDI timing and ARP stability could be a problem with the OS and that a properly configured DAW is always a first step.

    I have been producing and doing computer music for years and I have never seen a checklist or any literature really about a "properly configured DAW". What does that mean? Low DPC times? If so, I'm solid there. I have all of the latest drivers for every chip or bus on the system. That's where I get discouraged because I consider myself an above average technophile and to have continual problems with the TI is just annoying.

    I am in the process of contacting support because I can't initialize the VC plugin after a certain unknown point in a project or else it BSODs my shit. If I start out the project with VC open and rolling ill be fine but after a certain number of plugins, or tracks or what have you, if I add the VC pfffttttt.

    I do have my TI running "well enough" but it would just be nice to use it without timing issues or other problems.

    Cheers all!


    Hello All You Tonal Warriors,

    I've been a TI user since day 1. I know that doesn't mean much for the lot that jumped on the Virus band wagon in the A series but it's long enough to share some perspective. I think they're slogan should be "Virus TI:" It's the almost functional synth you love to hate".....

    I was starting to get down today as My TI is doing a number of strange things mid creative flow, totally derailing an amazing track, but hey, "you" have had that same experience. You are just like me in so many ways. Like me in the fact that you see such great music making potential in these futuristic and certainly forward thinking music making tools, if only.

    The thing that always got me about the Virus TI was it's redundancy..... If VC was giving you guff, go straight MIDI (my preferred method). If MIDI wasn't working for yah, jump over to VC. If only..... I say if only because my Virus has sat many times for months without the warmth of my fingers upon it's knobs because for as long as I can remember there have been issues. They only show up long enough to de-rail a session, and then with some down time and maybe some time spent un-0plugged they all but vanish, until you are 75% though a great lick and doing automation when the Arpeggiator star tbehaving poorly and in an instant the creative luster that shown in your eyes is all to quickly gone as you DEAL because the TI is like that super hot chick who is just dumber that a rock. Although stability and reliability aren't it's strong suit, it sure as hell makes up for it in creative and tonal firepower.

    So my hat is off to you ladies and gentlemen for being in the same boat as I. In a true love hate relationship. I know some of you will say that reporting and in-depth and strenuous trouble shooting would be a means to an end, but at the end of the day, even some best engineers in the world can only pontificate at the innumerable variables affecting your situation therefore I take solis in the good times, and look away from the bad. I'm usually not this poetic and story like with my ramblings but I just felt it necessary for some strange reason.

    I wish you all the blessings that the world can muster!

    JB Vries