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    Thanks for advice, but it didn't solve this "active sense" data from my midi activity. So that MIDIServer still takes ~20% CPU and fans are running loud. I just counted how many active sense messages is being sent per second - it's 2127 times!

    Wow, you lucky! I'm counted 'Active Sense' events in my midi activity — 2915 messages per sec 8)

    EDIT: After a restart the plugin didn't open anymore. So deleting Virus MIDI driver isn't a solution.

    Yes, is that!
    Yesterday i'm was setup my virus snow at Windows 7 with drivers/firmware 5.1.1(32bit). After this i tried look at midi events via midi-ox software, as result is a missing 'Active Sense' events (any filters in midi-os was disabled), i saw only midi messages from knobs and audition button of virus.
    Right after this i connect virus snow to macbook for test him for existing midi events and saw lot of midi 'active sense' messages in midi monitor again.

    Today I examined the macbook and replaced Thermal Compound at Heat Sink of processor, hope this downgrade fan noise.

    Recently i'm also try use my Virus Snow with new macbook air 2014 with fresh os x 10.10 installed. And this problem also here: MidiServer overload, 'Active Sense' messages fall in midi. kernel_task process also grow up to 45%.
    I have tried to remove only midi driver from /Library/Audio/MIDI Drivers/Virus TI MIDI Driver.plugin : in this case Virus Snow worked only like as sound card, without midi. In this point i'm tested Virus as soundcard mode: no problem with midiserver and kernel_task processes, all work fine. I believe, the problem with MidiServer overloading is a Midi part problem, may be in driver or firmware Virus, may be in apple parts, but with other midi devices i'm not watch this problem and the fact of that i'm not alone have this issue, give me point to think this is problem more globally that support can think.

    Config > MIDI > Soft Thru

    I tried change this option to On/Off before. It doesn't matter in which position this switcher, in moment when MidiServer starts this option dissapear (i can see how "SoftThru" label has gone from display on Snow faceboard) and system begin recieve a lot of ActiveSense messages from synth.

    Hello again, you still have this problem?
    I'm contact several times with support of Access, but no result :( . I'm ask them, why Virus Ti send 'Active Sence' messages more than 3000 times in 1 sec. and their answer is: I simply cannot answer why this is the case, but this is normal for the Virus TI units and it has no influence on the performance of the unit.

    May be you also write to support of Access and ask them, why this happens on Snow but not happens on Ti Desktop or Keyboard?

    I'm ask several owner of Snow device, and some of they have same problem, but owners of Desktop not have this.

    High loading midi server attempt as long as i have Ti Snow. On Leopard, on Lion, on Mavericks and Yosemite. From old firmware to new, everytime.
    All this time i thinking this is normal behaviour. May be its can be fixed by firmware?

    I have same problem. When Virus Snow connected by USB to Macbook, MIDIServer loading system up to 13-20%. Very sad. :rolleyes:
    We can try look at midi events by MidiMonitor app:
    [Blocked Image:]

    In MIDI specification "Active Sense" message written: "A device sends out an Active Sense message (at least once) every 300 milliseconds if there has been no other activity on the MIDI buss, to let other devices know that there is still a good MIDI connection between the devices."

    But, as you can see at the screenshot, messages Virus device send EVERY 0,5-1 MILLISECOND! Awesome!!! :thumbup: