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    For now, for me, it's a potato. Let me explain... Just starting it says not to use the USB port, you have to use the MIDI port, leaving you without the possibility of using the synthesizer in an external way, you are conditioned to use it with DAW.

    I have a Nord Modular G2 and Nord Micromodular that have a patch editor, but, but, they have an exclusive MIDI port to connect with the computer, leaving another free MIDI port to do whatever you want, such as having a set of machines. The computer ONLY serves to deal with patches.

    This is what I expected from this fudge, that the USB port would be used to handle the Patchs and with the MIDI port used with an external drumboxs and synth system.

    Work perfect with Mojave 10.14.6, MacBook Pro (USB-C) and iMac 2014.

    Virus TI2


    Analog Rytm MKII

    Maschine MKII

    Kontrol X1


    Minibrute 2S

    Modular synth (Eurorack)

    Novation Zero MKII

    Nord Modular G2 and Micromodular.


    RME Fireface with ADAT Alesis.