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    I’m currently running high Sierra with a virus ti2. Logic have just released an update which needs the OS to be 10.14.6 (Mojave) or higher.

    Will the virus now work on Mojave?

    I recall that it couldn’t go higher than high Sierra because of the virus ti2.

    I’ve been looking online but can only find old threads so I’m unsure if the issues have been resolved.


    I know this problem isn’t specifically virus related but I wondered if any other virus users experience the same problems.

    I recently purchased waves gold bundle. Since installing the bundle and waves central, I have been experiencing problems with my DAW (logic Pro x)

    I now have to wait incredible long times for logic to load any plugins when I attempt to open a project. This now takes around 15 minutes and it was previously around 3-4 seconds.

    Once the project is open I now need to wait an additional 15 minutes for my access virus ti2 to load. This previously took 3-4 seconds.

    I tried uninstall all waves products and the long wait times disappeared.

    When I reinstalled waves the problems with long wait times reoccurred.

    Does anyone know how to address this as I’d like to continue using the waves plugins