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    My understanding, is that the plug-in only works with its own USB connection. When the plug-in is running, you can't separately send MIDI to the Virus over USB (or DiNs), without going through the plug-in.

    This is inaccurate. You have to enable midi in the plugin if it is running, and then it will work. Its on the tab on the right. You will know you are looking at the right page when you see a picture of the Virus panel. "Enable Midi" is in the dropdown. Otherwise just enable midi via the keyboard itself if you want to forgo the plugin altogether.

    Maybe what’s needed here is a good old fashion class action! Since our voices have gone unheard it’s time to get lawyers involved! Any suggestions?

    1) You're an idiot

    2) Its "suit" not "suite"

    3) If you want to sue, hire a lawyer and don't announce your intent on a community forum owned by the very company you are wanting to file against.

    4) Lets be honest if you really planned to sue you would have done step three already.

    This sabre rattling stuff is getting so old so fast.

    I don’t think anyone thinks for a moment that Access are actually working on a Virus TI3. (On the contrary, I have been hard at work on a fully operational prototype in my mind, and it’s amazing!)

    Laughed out loud at the egotistical ambiance of unwarranted self importance in this statement and skipped the rest of your post.

    Yes it has. You don't remember El Capitan? You had to manually disable the system's SIP for it to work. Not to even start about the 4.x updates back in the days.

    And only 3 months? That's 3 months they've been selling a product as brand new with NO MENTION of it not working on Mac! That is: modern Macs!

    I bought my first Virus (TI2 Keyboard) a week before this happened. Its a huge bummer, but saber-rattling, accusing forum members of being shills for Access, and making overtures about legal implication will probably (or at least should) get you banned from this forum. We get it, you are pissed. Everyone is. If you wanna make it a legal issue this is not a good way to go about it.

    My own thoughts:

    Thank you to those who did the legwork and discovered that the issue is with the Ploytec HAL driver. Pretty much the only useful thing in this thread.

    Honestly I'm more fed up with Apple than I am Access. Wanton fundamental design changes breaking compatibility at every turn. It is clear that their target market is no longer the creative professional.

    I've looked into several options including rolling a custom Arch Linux configuration for audio production and switching to Bitwig.

    At the end of the day when the macbook dies I'll be switching to Windows 10. OSX/MacOS is (was?) great but at this point its not worth the apple tax or the hassle to remain using it. There are utilities out there that are quite good at removing bloat from Win10 and streamlining it. Some are even open source.

    IMHO it's well past due time to move on from Mac. I hope Access/Kemper is able to fix this for those that choose to stay.

    My 0,02

    Stick with the panel? 8)

    I suppose I should have seen that coming. :|

    After reading this forum and researching the current state of Virus software development it appears that Kemper/Access may have abandoned the TI2 keyboard? I've wanted one for about a decade and finally decided it was time. Kind of frustrating, like showing up to a concert as the encore is ending but you grab a CD at the merch table anyway because what the heck.

    Its not a major issue by any means though, and I am really enjoying the keyboard because its super intuitive to program and sounds great. I have no regrets. :)


    if you haven't figured out by now...Virus C is a hardware revision. It was also discontinued. The newest virus came out 10 years ago called the TI2, and it is the only series still being manufactured. They are quite nice, but it will cost you between 2 and 3 thousand USD for one of these depending on the model you choose. Other past revisions are available second hand. You cannot upgrade the software on your device past the version stated above.

    Sorry to ruin the fun everyone, but if this guy is still trying to figure it out at this point he deserves the straight answer lol