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    my memory is a bit fuzzy on this so there may be one or two inaccuracies but the thrust of it is right;

    I 'think' this is because of automatic delay compensation.

    The 'fix' they gave was to just switch off additional outputs, as apparently no outputs is better than delayed outputs.

    There was a dialogue when you first opened it mentioning such a problem with ok and cancel - ok actually implements this fix whereas cancel would have avoided it.

    The only way I undid this 'fix' was to actually delete it from the registry (as uninstalling VC did not remove the entry). There may be a more elegant way to undo it, but if you know how to use registry editor then that certainly works - the dialogue then comes up again and you click cancel (or whatever the 'negative' option was...).

    I don't remember if disabling automatic delay compensation also brings them back and I'm not in a position to test it.

    Hope that helps...

    what's the issue with the support email system?

    The support request has been dealt with now - its just that when I initially submitted it, the auto confirm email didn't come through for days, so I wondered if it actually worked or not.

    Also, forum search is broken. a search query of 'usb' gives no results for me, despite there being many threads on the topic - thus I was unable to search for similar problems before I troubled support with it - although the support email system seems to be just as troubled...

    im curious where you got ms/60 = bpm from.

    bpm is a frequency and should automatically be something divided by time,

    i.e. beats per minute = 60 / duration in seconds (or freq in Hz * 60).

    I've heard of pitch detuning problems before, but this is the first time i've seen it properly occuring - thats quite a noticable deviation. I can say for certain that my Virus does not do that (although mine is an old TI Desktop). It all depends where the Virus is deriving its clock from... perhaps the USB clock? in that case you can blame your USB card... or maybe its trying to sync with your audio card's clock and there is a variable delay in acquiring synchronisation?

    One thing I can't see in the video is whether you're working via Virus Control in Live mode... as that could certainly cause this problem as the delay tends to be variable in live mode...

    I'm coming into this one at a late stage. I have found a lot of my presets have become more unstable with each new OS (i put it down to just getting slightly less polyphony each time). Some presets seem to crackle as a sort of sub 1 note polyphony, or failure to kill voices that can't be properly processed or something, I don't know if this is related to the discussion at all.

    If I catch my virus doing it again (I have tweaked a lot of my presets to use slightly less CPU to fix them already), then I will be happy to share presets. Also when using ring mod the filters can destabilise and create loud ringing noises, but that's an entirely different issue I have already submitted about a long time ago.

    Edit: I'll add that these days its just the Virus not syncing to my sound cards clock properly so the crackling is only over S/PDIF, I can fix it by setting my sound card to slave off the S/PDIF, however...

    Yeah my desktop has always done this - its because the ring on the dc jack touches the metal casing on the virus. I don't think it's overly dangerous (so long as you aren't doing it 20 times a day or something), and you can avoid it by being more precise when you plug it in (i.e. dont catch the metal casing with it).

    I've just reinstalled OS5 to check (despite going back to OS4 being a real mission) and it doesn't give me a chance to tick anything... It just appears as normal but with only one stereo output.

    Edit - I just trawled the registry to find anything about it and I found an entry, seemingly someone (who shall not be named) had dealt with this dialogue for me (and ticked dont ask again) without telling me.

    But, in their defence, the dialogue doesn't make it look like you have a choice.

    You don't 'tick' use stereo, you have to select 'use stereo' or 'cancel' which suggests you either use stereo or you dont use it at all.

    Its completely unnecessary anyway as it's no sort of workaround as if you REALLY want to use auto-pdc then having further delayed inputs from the virus is better than having no inputs at all!

    Also, it would be nice to have a 'don't tell me again' option for the buffer length message as I can't select a power of two buffer size and I have no problem with it, anyway - the number of times I have gone away whilst waiting for a long load time project to load and it's stuck on the first plugin telling me something I can do nothing about...

    For the record, I have now downgraded to 4.5.3 and I now have multi outs again loading the exact same project. Clearly the problem has something to do with OS5.

    Also the USB audio was very clicky and almost every time I loaded the project, the only way to fix it was to:

    1. Set virus ti asio driver as audio device.
    2. Set the latency to 512 samples.
    3. Go back to my normal audio device.

    Then the clicks and pops would stop every time.

    This is why I don't usually bother reporting bugs as I usually spend the whole time getting told there is no problem and nothing gets fixed.

    Cross fading can be done in multi mode... otherwise you just have to set up the mod matrix carefully (a lot of work and some limitations on what you can do, though)...

    As far as I'm aware auto-PDC hasn't ever been switched on (it certainly isnt on the mixer... i dont know where else i need to look)... thats the whole point...

    The only multi-out VST i'm having trouble with here is the Virus Control VST - Sampletank works just fine with multiple outputs, for example (although that works with or without auto-pdc enabled so I don't know what that's all about)

    The funny thing is was almost sure I have had multi outs working on FL 10 one time or another... odd...

    It's also worth pointing out that other multi output VSTs I have (such as sample tank) work fine...

    Edit: yeah, im not going crazy, someone else on that thread has reported that multi outs work fine with 4.5.3 on FL Studio 10 - what's different?