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    Im inclined to agree with the bank shift jumping banks stored on your pc as well as stored on the virus and the value keys jumping through presets for the selected part - at the moment, with the large amount of banks available on the website its a real chore working through them to find something so clicking then going to keyboard and testing can take ages (my creativity dies long before i even scratch the surface of presets available)...

    Actually I kinda agree, have a button on the corner, like close to live mode or whatever 'follow hardware' or something. Then if i want to start messing with something i just need to bump it on the hardware then see whats going on - especially if I'm working the filter vs. oscillator shape stage (since you can see the oscillator shape on the virus control).

    Well there is a shift icon on the screen when you hold shift.... look in the bottom right.

    I think a double click on the shift should engage a shift hold and then any click after disables it - there are cases where i've needed a shift hold just cause i only have one hand free - a quick double tap then moving over wouldnt go amiss - maybe it could time out as well, i dunno...

    First of all, I'm using a TI Desktop, so local on/off makes no sense.

    The point is i want to make an individual set of keys drive an external synth (like a microKORG or D-50 or Sampletank VST or whatever) based on the multi configuration such that i can jump to a different multi and have it do it differently when i want it to (rather than using MIDI thru or whatever and having to go over to the other piece of hardware and jump preset or whatever on that, too...

    Yeah, i'm only on Win 7 because I had to be - XP SP3 was being really troublesome for more critical things so I had to make the jump.

    I realise its premature, being an RC and everything and have every intention of waiting - I don't want to apply eny pressure or anything, I just want to know if the whole Win 7 / 64-bit thing is going to be traumatic for Access or not (giving some indication of whether it will be a while or not). I expect they don't know until the day if things will be troublesome and I'm sure they aren't wasting any time and I'm also sure that a squeaky clean Win 7 64-bit driver implementation will take a release or two to get there...

    I'm not sure there is anything more to say on that one... ?(

    The forum is new - im sure the first month of this new site is traumatic behind the scenes, i know that such trivial things will be on the big fat list that they are working their way though...

    Hi AtonyB, I know it's been mentioned before, but where did you hear that it "will be sorted out fairly soon?" I hope it will. :)

    It's somewhere in the forum - maybe you can search for it, I would have to do some serious digging - its a response from one of the staff like, 'i'm sure that can be arranged' or something like that...


    Tubeway Army forever!


    Indeed :)

    We are called Tubeway Days (some of the more hardcore numan fans might recognise where that is from), I will link our myspace page in the share your music bit, etc. when the page is sorted out - I have other things high on my priority list at the moment so it can stay in disrepair for now, lol

    Perhaps DC offset and amplitude control locally on the LFOs - I often find, also, that the LFOs cannot modulate certain things enough (especially though the mod matrix), like if you link it to the frequency in the phaser, the max range is small - possibly because of the bipolar nature of the LFO, but if you set the frequency in the middle, the LFO does not make it reach both extremes by a long way...

    I'm going to give a big +1000 to anything to do with increasing the resolution and range of the LFO/Portamento rates and filter positions (often i have to use the filter envelope in combination with the cutoff to get the level im after - attack and decay down and tweak the sustain).

    The max portamento time is definitely too short - at present i have to split a an ending where i porto from a high key to a low key into octaves pressing the new octave just in time to increase the porto time (it never sounds right, though).

    I have to admit I'm not familiar with how Logic works at all - you may have to check the manual for Logic.

    It should tell you how to get to your audio settings and, hopefully, you will be able to reduce your latency - I'm not convinced that this is the whole story, however.

    Is there no way of counting CPU time, or doing the reverse and seeing how long the DSPs are idle for (ie working out how much is left).

    I'm sure a little latency isn't a problem, if you see a spike after you've pressed a note, its no stretch of the mind to realise that the spike was because of the note.

    I think if you could just give a voice drop indication like the old red clip LED indicator that signals when the Virus is having to decide what needs to go first (I'll bet that this starts to happen before you can usually tell by ear that its happening).

    Does anyone need to know the precise level of DSP being used?

    Or is it enough to know that they are in danger of running out of it - and possibly the the ability to compare the demand of one configuration to another (perhaps this can be calculated from the parameters rather than empirically from runtime usage - or maybe It's more complex than that)...

    If you can indicate a polyphony and say when voices are dropping, the user could combine the two to know how much 'mileage' they are getting from a particular patch, and see that it improves when they change something...

    (actually the only bit of voice dropping that annoys me is when the virus drops the new voice, too, leaving nothing playing - just why?)

    Indeed it does - in fact, the LFOs are even more weird as the assignment that you give in the matrix is multiplied by the signal (so whether you have a negative or positive assignment the LFO still varies AROUND the value you have it set initially, not just on top of it...)