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    Im a 7x64 user also.

    First attempt of virus 5.0 install: right after the dialogue box 'connect and turn on vrius' it wanted to install a driver clicked okay - blue screen...

    Reboot try again (whilst not having a shit load of stuff running behind) I get the rollback stuff... Uninstall previous version try again, rollback. Attempt to uninstall drivers manually from device manager then try again same thing rollback...

    Am now installing 4.5 what I previously had and thats going fine, so seems there's deffo something in this public beta of OS5 thats not fully compatible with alot of peoples win7 x64 setups. Will now be waiting until they release a new version.

    P.S Im running am older virus TI 1 Keyboard aswell by the way.

    Im sorry but if we are to make the effort to help you, you should make the effort to describe better what you are after... What on earth is a kick that sounds more 'actual' that means nothing to me?

    If you are talking about kicks you get with sample sets e.g. vengeance these aren't always 100% pure synthezised. They are often made with many elements that have been processed and mushed together. I hear that some are simply ripped straight off published songs also :thumbdown:

    You will not get a kick that sounds as powerfull as them straight out of a synth without pitching it, sampleing it, mixing it with other sounds ,processing with compression, transient shapers, subtle reverb etc.

    It is an art in itself which takes some practise which is why sample sets are widley available as all this careful work is done and you can focus on making the music.

    The bread and butter of many of these powerful kicks is a 909 style kick (I tried to show you how above). Ontop of this you can layer 'airy' elemnts to give it some top end 'smack' . The virus along with most typical synths can do 909 style kicks easily and simply requires practise.

    simplest way to make a standard 909 style kick is to use either an envelope or lfo (in env mode) to control the pitch of a single sine wave.

    Im not infront of my virus right now but from memory - int patch, make sure osc balance is full left and change to a sine wave... I usualy set init phase to 100% so that the signal generated is stable and reduces unwanted clicks.

    Set lfo 1 to a saw wave and set to env mode and the two controls you want to play with is the lfo rate and the lfo1 -> osc1 pitch modulation adjustment, with some experimentation you should eventually get a sweet spot.

    Once you have it you can switch the osc from a sine wave to a square to instantly get a distorted sounding hardstyle kick.

    When im infront of my virus I will refine that to give a more precise instruction...

    Cymbols - I've personally never managed to synthesise truely good sounding cymbols direct from a synth, however I have had much better more 'metalic' sounding cymbols from fm synthesis - will have a play later and see if I can come up with anything on the virus. I really don't know what roland did to get that classic 909 cymbol!

    Haha I like your way of thinking: "Be brave! be daring! be cautious and you will be fine... 8) " Thats the way I always like to approach these sorts of things!

    Its a TI1 keyboard which I got new about 3 or 4 (maybe 5?) years ago i think.... how long is the access warrenty?... Im pretty sure mine will be out of warrenty tbh.

    Thanks for the tips, no chance of electric shock so providing care is taken should be reasonably straight forward!

    Many Thanks!

    If required I'll have a look MarPabl but I'm in UK so might be an issue there!

    Ah brilliant thanks that's illustrated it perfectly!

    So it essentially controls the lfo phase per each unison voice... So it will only be audible if you are using an lfo to modulate something whilst using unison right?

    I think because you don't hear it whilst modulating the sound has what left me thinking it does nothing!

    Thanks again!

    PS setting the lfo to mono has no audible difference (best not trust me though :rolleyes: )

    hey flabberbob,

    Can you explain that again? Like artech, I've used the virus for a long time now and know it inside out, but this one conrol I have tweeked and not heard an audable difference, even with a reasonable amount of unision detune and spread, which has lead me to leave it and forgot about it until reading this post.

    Im struggling to follow your description there, what exactly does it do? Does the virus unsion function interact with the lfo(s) in some way? If you could explain it for dummies id really appreciate.



    Im looking to see if anyone has opened their TI to do a DIY fix on their keys?

    The reason being is that recently after some err 'expressive' sessions on the ti, I've noticed a slight issue with one or two of the keys on my Ti 1 keyboard.

    You know when you completely play a key, it bottoms out to a kind of spongy smotth feel? One or two of my keys feel as though when they bottom out its as if the key is hitting the metal and produces a difinite twang... I don't know if this is due to wear and tear or due to me hitting them too hard (probabbly a combonation of both) Has anyone been through this or had any luck doing repairs??

    Not urgent tbh as the keys do work, however it is an irritation and I wan't to get it sorted... I would so much prefer to NOT have to cart it off somewhere as thats a load of hastle.

    I am quite comfortable working with internal PC hardware and general DIY stuff cars bikes etc... I've never opened up synths, however im expecting basically a computer with a keyboard attached?

    Anyone got any advice?

    Cheers all

    Thanks for the quick reply.

    During my lengthy session of messing around I tried my mouse in quite a few different ports, I also tried it in the usb ports that are on the front of my PC - Same result.

    One thing I didn't do was change the port of the virus, as I have read somewhere this shouldn't be done.

    In this instance would it be a good idea to possibly uninstall the virus software from the PC and reinstall it, but plugg the virus into a different usb slot?

    Im guessing the usb bandwidth is getting eat up by something, or my psu aint got enough juice power everything?


    Hi All,

    Im not sure whats going on here but since I got my new usb mouse I cant have both my virus and mouse working at the same time.

    If I try to turn on my virus whilst the mouse is working, it will come up as a problem with the virus in device manager... If I then disable my usb mouse in device manager and try the virus, it will fire up without the error.

    Its the same the other way round - If the virus is on first it will work fine, if i then try and enable my usb mouse it will not work correctly until I first turn off my virus and then disable then enable the mouse.

    Im running windows 7 32 bit and I have a total of 3 things plugged in via usb - The Virus, the mouse (logitech MX518 ), and my cubase dongle and no usb hubs....

    Does anyone know what the issue could be?

    P.S. I also have a liquid mix plugged in via firewire but dont know if that even has an effect on it?

    Virus TI1 Keyboard

    Hi marc

    Im not much of a poster on these forums but am experiencing the UI sluggishness and would like some improvement...

    Do you still need someone to make a video of this?

    If so I can make you one,