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    The reason I am not contacting Access is that it will mean paying for a repair; I'm trying to do this myself, so thought it would be a good idea to ask on here for advice from others who have had crashing and found ways to rectify the situation. I'll know better next time.

    My Ti Snow has started crashing (or at least stopping sound) quite regularly. This isn't related to the Ti Plugin or even USB as it happens standalone. Has anyone else had a similar thing happen and been able to resolve it? Please don't suggest things if you've not tried yourself or suggest I contact Access as it's out of warranty.


    So having been away in the land of modular synths with triggers and gates, I’d love to see the following:

    Random clock source

    Envelopes trigger as a destination (each available)

    VCA before effects, and available as a mod destination

    100% or variable offset (already requested)

    Lowpass gate mode for filter

    Spring reverb setting on reverb

    Edit user arp patten on hardware

    Hi to you all, it's great to see the forum is still being used well and a source of really excellent things.

    I used to have a Ti2 Desktop which I sold after moving towards Eurorack / modular, but over the last year I've been missing it's sound. Anyway, I bought a Snow and loved iy so much I've got a Polar on the way as I miss the extra controls my desktop used to have. I'm not worried about a lack of integration (I'm a Mac Catalina user) other than the occasional renaming / moving around of patches as I think the hardware is very well designed for programming. And I genuinely think we will get an updated plugin so that will be good.

    It's hilarious that after all this time, the Vocoder still hasn't been documented in a video.

    I don't have anything recorded that uses the Virus yet; all my stuff is Modular with my Casio CZ-1. But for those of you who may be interested (or bored!) here you go:

    I'm into 1950's sound weirdness and Space music..