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    i‘m in with giappis driver and mystery for some months now. it works for me in catalina and on my test drive big sur on an intel macmini. not made a definite decision to move completely to bigsur (besides for some tradeoffs with plugins not working anymore vs. benefits of bigsur and lpx latest

    as a standalone it does a good job.

    so: im on lpx 10.6.3 on my main system Catalina with my Mac mini 6-core i7 intel ;-). but as au plug it had some total recall crashes and crashes when resizing, they should be cleaned now. but : the last beta version 2 was really stabile on my Big Sur (!) test drive (with lpx 10.6.3) and it is still on my 10.6.3 system under Catalina.

    I must say after the launch of the V3 I got very fast feedback to my inputs from Jany.. I think it's important to give him the feedbacks with crash logs and so on. In the week after launch there were 3 updates...

    Sorry, you and me are chatting, well not anymore, about the same topic in another thread here.
    Maybe you are being so rude because you are tired of having to deal with people's problems, which are quite a few in the last couple of months I guess. Well, you chose your job.

    I've more than once not only stated all my specs, but contacted the support, and maybe you remember, the only answere I got was to buy a hub. So here I am, again, in the thread about USB hubs for the Virus TI problem and all you do is being an arrogant mod.
    Do you even take the time to read what the people are writing, or is it just the standard "email the support".
    I'm done, thanks, I'm pinpointing this thread including you and your answeres throughout this forum in all other musical related forums, I'm active in. You are already known for your arrogance, but this is just ridiculous.
    Way to treat your customers...

    do you have a free usb-c port?

    And midi sync and arpegiator works well? i'm curious because this would be the perfect solution right now.

    In my setup it does very well, much better than in a „external daw host“ scenario. the network between my two macs is established via thunderbolt so latency is not really an issue (you can set the buffer size in audiogridder) because of speed it delivers and the plugin delay compensation on the audiogridder side (in my master mac) there are three things i strongly recommend: deactivate wlan on the host mac (so that the host ethernet connection to your master mac is set as the primary), connect the virus directly to the host mac usb port and use the analog/spdif outs of the virus (which are routing in directly to the master mac via apollo in my case)

    i managed even to use older plugins like vanguard, cronox or fx plugs via 32live with the audiogridder .

    Glad you found this way too as my post in this discussion ;)

    Actually a better solution for me turned out: Use Audiogridder with its Network Solution. So you have the PluginScreen on your main Mac. There are some minor Screen Issues, but from my view far way better Workflow than my prior SetUp

    Hi all

    I‘m confrontated with a Reset to 48000hz Sample Rate for the Use of Virus as an audiocard everytime i restart my MacBook Air on Mojave by the Audio Midi Setup. The Virus Ti 2 is the sole hardware connected to it. I did a reinstall, tried to make a new configuration in AM Setup, but it always changes thd Sample Rate after a Restart.

    Any Help herefor ?

    Using here the beta version (though I paid), you have to follow every step indicated on their homepage !

    and overall clear the virtual cable port out of the physical output in the environment, if not it permanently crashes logic on Catalina cause of midi loops