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    Hi all,

    Due to personal circumstances, my app has not been available in the app store for several months. but now it's back.
    By the way, I do not consider myself as a very politically committed person, but for some reason it is not for sale in the app stores of Israel, Hamas and Russia.

    The app is available in all other countries.

    Hi JetStarfire!

    There are two options to connect the iPad and Virus TI

    1. use the Apple Camera adapter to connect a normal USB to MIDI Interface (I use for example this one from Roland )
    2. Use Bluetooth midi plugs in the virus (for example these WIDI Master plugs)

    You can connect the virus USB directly to your iPad, and it will allow you to use the virus as a audio interface.

    MIDI however will not work. This is a limitation of the Virus Synth. The MIDI on USB implementation is not recognized by iPads somehow, and therefore also not available in my app.

    It took me some time, but multimode support is finished now.

    I've made a videoI wanted to share with you to introduce the new feature properly:

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    A little update about the new version:

    - I'm working with people from the company behind the Widi Master Bluetooth MIDI plugs to get my app working with those plugs too.

    - I've also decided to start with the multi mode support.

    The new release will take a bit longer because of all this.

    I want the new release to be more stable, so you're all invited to join the beta:

    Join the Beta!

    The current beta contains:

    - the new library,

    - improvements to MIDI and

    - bug fixes (the collection name "Tarekith's Elemental Soundset" won't make the app crash any longer)

    - Not yet support for multi mode, this is coming in the next weeks

    Just a note: install the beta without deleting your current app to maintain your patch library. after installing the beta, you will not be able to downgrade to the current available version. As a result, you can only leave the beta program when version 1.7 is released. You can always delete the app (and your library) to return to the current version.

    Hi jmm123

    My app has not officially been tested on Macs, but someone on Facebook told me it works, apart from some interface glitches.

    but I repeat: it's not officially supported (yet)

    I will have a look at the multi layered patches, could be possible.


    The crash you describe I cannot reproduce. In my crash reports I've seen a strange increase of memory related crashes in the last days.

    these are not so simple to research, and it is strange I have not seen them before, not this much. I have not published a new version, but Apple did release a new IOS version I think. Did this start after a IOS update, or after you updated the app?

    Now I'm here, why not post a sneak peak at brand-new version 1.7:

    Which will bring you:

    - Search functionality

    - Favorite or unfavorite your favorite patches

    - Have some "smart collections" : recently used and most used patches

    - Edit patch details (rename, change categories, author or description)

    - Replace patches to another collection

    - delete complete collections

    - and minor improvements and bug fixes..


    Hi CrystalPalace , it should be automatically available for MacOS too > On Apple Silicon only.

    I couldn't test is myself, because I have a brand new Intel based MacBook, so I don't know f this is true.

    To be honest, I doubt my underlying libraries are compatible.

    But I am starting to a brand new "version 2" of touch for virus, which should become available as VST and AudioUnit on Mac, IOS and maybe Windows.

    Hi skittb123

    These are interesting thoughts, which I definitely have in mind.

    My idea for this is to have the full app for designing sounds and storing them as patches.

    The plugin for cubasis would basically be a patch library kind of view.

    It would allow you to browse and select patches which are stored in Touch for Virus.

    Maybe it could offer some way to edit some parameters, but I'm not sure how I could let you edit ALL parameters from within Cubasis.

    Would such a plugin make sence to you?

    Besides this, I will also try to port this iPadOS app to macOS. Which could also be fun for those Virus users who do not own an iPad.

    by the way, while Apple is reviewing the app I found out the bluetoothmidi menu won't work, at least on IOS14. Just saying... ||

    Hi, hope you're all safe and Corona free!!

    Anyway, version 1.6 of Touch for Virus is being reviewed by Apple..... as we speek. It's true. It is....

    It brings a new import feature for the .MID files used in the Access VST plugin for storing patches.

    In other words, you can now easily import all the patches you have inside the plugin, to Touch for Virus.

    That was the by far the most requested feature for my app, so I'm happy I was able to deliver this.

    I also had to rebuild the whole interface to comply with new appstore guidelines.

    This became a personal frustration" Apple will keep developers busy with things users will never notice, nor benefit.

    Well, I think Access is dealing with this too.

    I've update Audiokit, the framework my app uses for MIDI communication.

    Regards!![Blocked Image:]

    I don't mind having an stand-alone application for patch management. If anyone got suggestions for this?

    I'm currently working on a new update for "Touch for Virus" which runs on iPadOS. This version will add an import feature for patch libraries in midi format. This has been the most requested feature since I've released the first version.

    This means you can eassely import all the patches you have available in the vst plugin.

    You might or might not want to use an iPad in your setup, I don't know. Just in case it sounds interesting to you: this update is finished, and I'm testing it right now. I expect it to be released somewhere this month.

    After some sad news about Access not updating their apps, I can bring some relief!

    I received a lof of enthousiast feedback on the latest release 1.5. Now Touch For Virus 1.5.1 is on its way to the App store.

    It has a lot of improvements and bugfixes. The main thing is that the stability of the app is improved when receiving patch dumps. I've also worked on some flaws of the patch library. It should be available in the next few days!

    Update for Touch for Virus (version 1.5)

    I think I have good news for people having trouble with receiving patch dumps, and patch fetching.

    I am finishing a new version which should do a better job at this.

    There is also an improved interface, and "Virus Cloud", a online patch library for sharing patches.

    You can read more about it on my website.

    It should be available as an update later this month.

    But to answer your question:

    I'm not satisfied with the current situation. Problem is that writing the specific code for fetching/receiving patches is a bit too complex for my coding level.

    My app is using Audiokit for this work. Audiokit is being build by a very active community, and as soon as they have fixed and improved their midi support, i will build a new version and publish it. Og course I try to make them fix the specific bugs causing the fetching process to fail.

    I'm also looking into alternative ways to get this working as it should, so stay tuned!



    Hi Mataki,

    Thanks for your tests with different MIDI interfaces. This is very helpful since i only have two MIDI interface to test with.

    Some notes:

    1) In the next release better error logging is added. which should help me to fix bugs.

    2) When you fetch a patch and do not even see an error, it means nothing, or something unrecognizable is received by the app. Are you sure the synth receives the fetch command? Can you try to start a patch dump using the SAVE menu on the synth? If so, does it work, or do you see an error? Please let me know.

    3) I too receive an incomplete dump once in a while, i'm not sure why. I think for some reason data gets lost or messed up in the process of sending through.

    Well, for now a Compatibility list for the current app version (1.4)

    MIDI interface Editing patches Fetching patches
    Yamaha MD-BT01 (bluetooth) Yes Nope
    Yamaha UX16 (USB) Yes Yes
    Roland UM-ONE (USB) Yes Yes
    ESI MIDIMATE II (USB) Yes Nope (but sysex dump initiated on Virus towards app works)
    ZOOM U-44 (USB) Yes Nope
    Iconnectivity Iconnect4+ Yes Nope
    Neoteck UMC1 Nope Nope
    Akai MPD226 Yes Yes

    Hi there,

    A new version has hit the App stores world wide.

    I fixed a lot of bugs/mistakes, and made minor improvements here and there.

    But more important: I've added two new features a lot of people have been asking for:

    1) An editor for customer arpeggiator patterns

    2) receiving patch dumps (somewhat experimental )

    This means you can now 'copy' any patch saved on your Virus to the app.

    A little disclaimer: it does not seem to work when using a MIDI over bluetooth connection, at least in my test setup.

    Get the update, and have fun!

    Hi @GruntBiscuits

    Thanks for pointing me to some bluetooth connection bug. It might explain some crash report i couldn't resolve because of missing context.

    When I wrote ".. in the save patch options menu", i was talking about the Save menu on the Virus, not my app. The virus offers some options for saving a patch, the last options is the Sysex dump.

    So there are two ways to start a sysex dump:

    - you can start a sysex dump on the Virus,

    - or you can start a sysex dump in the app by tapping on "Get" located at the top of the screen. "Get" is not a good label, I know, I think i will be renaming it to "Fetch patch"


    I'm no sure I understand your remark, or question. But the sound always comes from the Virus since my app only is a controller, nothing else. No sound processing, no sound output, just a massive amount of midi

    you're welcom @Bobbories !

    I've been working on the last few weeks on a new release. It adds the ability to copy patches stored in the Virus, towards the app.

    This can be done by sending a controller dump, or by sending a "sysex dump" (in the "save patch" options menu) to the app.

    There is also a button in the app to request a sysex dump of the currently loaded patch.

    It works for pretty good, but sometimes there is a noticable difference between the original patch, and the version as stored in the app.

    Second, there are some issues with incompleted/broken sysex dumps.

    Because of this I feel this release really needs some testing by different people with different approaches, and different setups.

    So: here is a link which will let you install a beta version, and provide me with good feedback in return!

    Beta version will be updates with new beta releases, but when the release is finished, they will stop working.

    It would be great to have some people help me out!

    Follow this link for further instructions:

    By the way:

    version 1.3 is on it's way to the app store, see what's new:

    - In-app patch names are now send to the Virus TI so they can be displayed on the device, and easely saved with that name.

    - Controller changes send by Virus TI are now recognized and processed: which means: page A (cc) , and page B (polypressure). Still no sysex (page C and D)

    - Improved, less distracting navigation

    Receiving Sysex still does not work. I did a lot of research and experiments to get around the sysex bugs in Audiokit, (a framework I use to deal with MIDI data) but still no luck. But i do not give.

    I was just wondering. I could put some efford in porting the app to macOS. Is there anybody who could see any use for that? Let me know!

    Hi LF2600,

    As I understand you want to 'record' the sound of a Virus with some daw app on your iPad.

    For as far as i know, but i could be wrong, you can connect the synth with usb to an iPAd, and use it as audio out.

    But in Cubasis I do not see how to record sound from the Virus. I do not see some kind of "Virus TI input" which can be selected.

    I would advise you to start a thread about this on this forum.

    I still do not understand one thing. Let's say for the moment that my app can receive back sound from the Virus TI. What do you expect my app to do with it?

    If you want to record it, you could better use a daw-app to do that. I'm not able to build a whole new daw for you ;)