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    we sense a certain unrest in here ... and yes, it stopped snowing in the rhine area ... but be aware, this winter could be even longer than it already is. and colder. so cold that frozen bits could hold us back from releasing the update. nevertheless, don't you worry. we are save and sane. as a proof, i've attached a new demo focusing on step-sequencer-esque blippy melodies inspired by snowmen and snow cones. don't you think the new comb filter sounds somehow ... cold ... ?

    reporting from the headquarters



    Any chance of a video how you made this?!? Or some basic ideas??

    is it all virus?!

    Inside the mind of sound design master. Thanks Ben.

    marc, if you're able to, can you confirm if this OS will be for Ti mk1 as well?

    Personally, I'm not one of those that feels endlessly entitled - as I know you eventually have to encourage your users to buy more hardware - but I just hope us Ti1 users have another couple of updates left in the tank! :)



    This has been going on from the very outset with Ti using VC, and tbh I don't beleive it will ever be cured completely.

    The best OS was the release version before the current one (not the beta's) - I think it was 3.01.15 (IIRC?) That was the only OS that gave me arps that could withstand tweaking of parameters, or playing other parts with heavy patches, without losing sync every single time. I'm going to try the new beta later, as this 3.1 release seems as bad as any previous OS on the timing front.

    There was an article on the old site (troubleshooting section) pretty much saying the problem was unavoidable with certain computer architectures, certain combinations of processor and chipset, etc. It wasnt really detailed. My take is that once again the limitations of the USB1 protocol are the chief factor - time synchronisation is apparently one of the hardest thing to maintain along the signal path, and hence one of the biggest technical challenges of the Ti concept. I doubt whether standard, non specialised components, on board USB, and non calibrated OS' are capable of guaranteeing the sort of free, robust flow of data that would benecessary for rock solid timing.