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    This is not a problem, I'm just wondering if it can be done to select part via MIDI so that this could be automated in Ableton.

    The Case:
    Using the VIrus TI to perform live.

    Using Ableton.

    As the set progresses, I plan to automate the selection/arming of MIDI tracks to just keep playing and not having to mouse around. I would do this with ClyphX Pro.

    But, as I'm playing, I also want to control parameters on the active sound, and therefore need the Virus to jump to the current part.

    Is this possible?

    And if not, are there other options I've not thought of as to solve this on stage?



    Aha, got it :)

    Your info may still be of help, I might have to succumb to linking stuff to my MIDI controllers anyways. But a man can dream....

    Regarding the VC, once I got it working (which was an extensive hassle over a long period of time), I'm loving it. It's not perfect, but good enough. Really wish more hardware manufacturers would do this. This is coming from a dude who made music for over 15 years all in the box though before trying hardware synths in my setup, to each his own.

    Thanks for your tips!

    AFAIR that context menu in the VC plugin allows to assign MIDI controllers to any of the parameters of the TI. But I never used that. Instead, I use Automation from within Cubase.

    There’s a manual called Setting up Virus TI for Ableton Live. How to do Automation is described in chapter 5. I would start with that.

    Thanks Oli.

    I'm already using automation in Ableton, was just curious wat this was about. When testing the menu, I think you're right. The context menu allows for exposure of all these parameters for every part regardless of which part you're editing. So just shortcuts then, basically, I thought I was onto something exciting here. Dang it!

    Hi DeaDeus, Thanks for the extensive answer, although I'm not sure you understand my first question, or in case you do, I didn't understand your answer. What I'm asking, is what the options in the context-menu (which appears when right-clicking certain parameters) do?

    Sure, I do have the MIDI controllers at my disposal, such as the Launch Control XL, which I could use, but I was more hoping for the possibility ot linking one parameter of Part 2 to Part 1 on the TI, to use the interface of the TI itself. Again, that's sort of the direction of my though with the macros in Ableton, which then could be mapped to a MIDI controller.

    I do use the Controller 9, 12, etc quite extensively, to create macros, And of course they could further be mapped to the Ableton macros.

    This doesn't help with layering though..



    I found out today that you can right click some parameters in the TI editor, such as Shape / PW, Osc volumes, the Envelopes and Pan, etc.

    The menu lists "Add X to Automation", and you aoslo have access to Part #1 - #16's Filter Cutoff, Resonance, and the Softknobs.

    Anyone know what these are for? Are they for linking a parameter to the parameter of a different part?

    This seems hopeful to me, because I want to create layered sounds and have linked control over certain parameters to gel them together.

    Has anyone achieved this with the TI internally?

    One thought that struck me today is to simply expose the parameters in Ableton, and link them with Macros, and also use maxforlive LFO's to create layered bass sounds etc..

    Also, do you guys know about others hardware synths that are multitimbral and that can communicate between layers?




    Are people able to modulate the Filterbank parameters using the mod matrix on the TI?

    This seems to have no effect.

    I can't even assign these parameters to the soft knobs, unless I do a workaround by assigning Controller (12-16) to one of the parameters, and then assigning that Controller to the soft knob.

    Unfortunately, I can't see it's possible to assign a Controller in a mod matrix destination, so that won't work...




    I'm brand new to the forum and this is my first post here.

    I've been an owner of the Virus TI for about 7months now, and I'm loving it!

    I stumbled across an issue today that I haven't come across before.

    I'm working on a project, and have used several tracks on the Virus, recording atuomation and all that is going smoothly. Until now! I'm not able to record Cutoff automation for track 6 on the Virus.

    I'm using Ableton 11.

    I tried revealing the parameter by using Ableton's Configure function in the plugin-panel, but it just doesn't appear. If I select track 1 however, and tweak a knob, the parameter appears (tried with Filter env amount). Nothing on track 6 works...

    Anyone else experienced this?