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    Hi ,

    I was in the same situation as you . I did try to run my Mac via boot camp but it still didn’t work as the drivers are Mac driven and there was a driver issue with windows via boot camp .

    I ended up building a windows 10 computer setup and have not looked back . Virus TI works flawlessly although my ARP sometimes goes out of sync but it is a easy fix with stop start .

    My advice would be ditch the Mac and build or buy a PC .

    I know that access haven’t updated there’s software for some time with Mac but there must be a reason why .

    Personally apple think they rules the world but end of the day for me are so locked in that now having windows is a blessing !

    Anyways Hope this helped you out . I spent over 4 weeks trying everything’s possible to get virus to to work on Mac and no good . Windows all day every every day for me .

    Ok good to know thanks for the reply’s looks like I am going back to Mojave .

    Yes I messaged them as well and got the same response , maybe one day they will continue with there updates That would be nice .

    I have spent about 60 hours trouble shooting the TI in with my windows set up and Mac . Closet and best I could get was Catalina .

    Even windows 10 / 20h2 couldn’t pick it up driver errors .

    can anyone please tell me if virus is still working with Mac OS Mojave ? any reply would be appreciated .. fired up my old Mac with Catalina and plug in works fine with hardware but can't pass sound through the usb . when I hooked up analog outs it works but virus can't be set up correctly in daw . I am 100 percent thinking about going back in time with Sierra or Mojave if they fully function that is

    cheers .