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    Feature-complete? :(
    But where is...
    3-rd envelope???? X(X(X(X(X(
    (sorry couldn't emphasise it enough).

    Seriously, what the hell is with constantly adding new MAJOR features and always forgetting about this simpliest enhancement which might actually bring MORE to synthesis than all those new filters & fx combined?

    I also had the problem of installer rolling back. Solved that also by not plugging Virus in, so thx luciphercolors for suggestion.
    Then I had the problem of Virus VST plugin not recognizing my Virus Ti Snow (it was also in, but I thought that could fix that). Damn! It still doesn't recognize it, and drivers don't work properly (device cannot start message in device manager).
    Then I tried to use different USB ports, disconnecting all other USB devices, etc, etc with no success... until I for whatever reason tried to connect it through some crappy noname passive USB hub that I had lying around. I don't use it, as it works really bad, many devices refuse to work when connected to it. But, I don't know why, I took that hub, connected it to my PC's USB port, connected Virus to the hub. And you know what? It worked!!!!! My Virus got successfully recognized in VST plugin, all the USB I/O channels worked perfectly, with no latency or glitches.
    So now I'm kinda confused, because the usual recommendations for these kind of problems are to avoid any hubs and connect device directly to motherboard's USB ports. But in my case, doing totally opposite thing solved the problem. When I connect my Virus through that hub, it always works. When I connect it directly to motherboard (even to the same port to which the hub was connected), Windows says "device cannot start" and it doesn't work. It also doesn't matter to which MB port I connect the hub; as long as Virus is connected not directly to MB, but through that particular hub, it works. Also, I tried to use two other USB hubs (both of them actually worked with all my other USB devices without problems), and with both of them Virus refused to work! So basically, my Virus works only when I connect it through one specific USB hub that otherwise produced many problems with other devices, and when connected in any other way, it doesn't work. Extremely strange situation.
    Anyway, I'm happy that at least I finally got my Virus running on my main Windows 7 x64 system (on 32-bit WinXP installed on the same PC, it always worked and works with any connection, no matter whether it's directly to MB or through any hub).

    I'm using Windows 7 64-bit and I've got the same problem as many here: the installation hangs on "searching for Virus...", Virus Control doesn't see my Virus Snow, and in device manager there is "Device cannot start (Code 10)" error.
    However, when booting Snow in the "USB update" mode, Virus Control Center is able to see it and updates the OS properly.
    I've tried connecting Virus to all possible USB ports, tried disconnecting all other USB devices, but the problem is still the same.
    My PC config is: Asus P7P55D Deluxe motherboard, Core i7 860 CPU, 4 GB RAM