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    This would take a complete overhaul of the UI ... not a cheap nor simple task. I do not see Access considering this a priority over something like, say, driver updates for Mac OS.

    I found the vocoder to be pretty underwhelming if I'm honest. Stock Ableton Live vocoder is much better.
    What's confusing when setting it up is you do not actually need to set the input to static or dynamic to hear the effected audio. I have input set to off. That will actually mess it up, if you set the input to static or dynamic. Just setup the virus as you normally would to use it as an effect send for example, and then that's it....just load up the vocoder preset (I use the VocoPad XM preset) and have a midi loop going to the virus channel that is setup with the vocoder preset.

    During my time online on other forums I've seen numerous posts about replacing their virus knobs, but it seems like there wasn't an easy solution to source them.

    I've found one solution for anyone looking to replace or change theirs (can confirm I've bought and used these knobs on other gear, and tried them on the virus also...fits perfectly)

    Make sure to get the super knob (not the 90 degree super knob or you'll be stuck with a knob that doesn't translate)

    Check the super knob here, just type "virus" in the search box...…oma-caps-knobs-and-faders


    Thought I'd respond with some updates:

    1) Yes I received confirmation the play is normal and nothing to worry about. (Still..if a < $1000 synth has rock solid hard plastic wheels, why not the virus??)
    2) Confirmed my unit was built in May of this year, and the reason why the firmware version was lower was because of the chips that are used in the unit come with whatever firmware they were built with.

    Again, super pleased that the synth is performing perfectly with the TI plugin and Ableton! Thanks Access on a great synth.

    Hi Michael!

    I haven't read the article in depth yet, but as a web developer myself, odds are you/we are out of luck, BUT... this article might just be your answer.…-in-your-browser-in-2021/AND there is this one:…how-to-use-flash-in-2021/

    Good luck!

    Their website needs a major overhaul as it is functional, but obviously could use some TLC and refactoring/updating, which I'm sure they are aware of but just do not have the resources to dedicate to the task.

    I've been lusting for a TI since 2005 in my early twenties. Finally I pulled the trigger and the new unit arrived yesterday. Very excited !

    Virus software works without a hitch, updated to the latest OS, imported some new patch banks, and *so far* in Ableton Live 11 & Windows 10, it works perfectly, however I haven't used the plugin in depth yet, but a good sign nonetheless.

    Perhaps some of you fellow users can answer these two questions, but I'm primarily aiming them at Access ... (not sure if this is the right sub section of the forum, if not, apologies)

    1) My mod wheel seems to be installed slightly off angle. Not a big deal I guess, but the main thing I noticed is the amount of play it has if i wiggle it. It moves quite a bit. Is this normal? I mean even my cheap Korg Opsix and Wavestate's mod/pitch wheels are solid, with NO play whatsoever.... so this is slightly concerning. Anyone else's wheels on their virus have wiggle/play ?

    2) I was told the unit was built to order by the supplier. However, upon arrival, the unit had the OS version from 2013 installed.( ...This seems rather odd. If the unit was built brand new, why not have the latest OS installed? I bought a Moog subsequent 37 this month as well, and it arrived with the latest. Perhaps Kemper just doesn't do this, but thought I'd ask...

    Thanks in advance!